Cordoba Mosque in Andalusia. Spain

The Mezquita de Córdoba is the only mosque on the planet that houses a Catholic cathedral inside.

Among the places of Spain with charm, one must speak of the Mosque of Cordoba. It is the most important religious monument in all of Andalusia. You can take a tour of its mystical facilities and immerse yourself in its perpetuity.

It has a great mix of architectural styles, with features of the Umayyad styles in Spain, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque throughout its 23,400 square meters, 1,300 columns from different periods and 365 horseshoe arches. Popular attractions are: The Prayer Room, the well-known Patio de los Naranjos, the Bell Tower and the great Christian Cathedral.

Declared a Property of Cultural Interest and Cultural Heritage of Humanity as part of the historic center of the city, it was included by the public among the 12 Treasures of Spain in 2007.

The start of its construction is due to the first Umayyad emir of Córdoba, Abderramán I, being built on the site of the Visigothic basilica of San Vicente Mártir, a church built in the 6th century, on whose site the construction of the oratory or haram begins in the 786. It was the second largest mosque in the world in area, behind the Mecca Mosque. The mihrab, holy place that marks the qibla was not oriented towards Mecca, but 51º degrees to the south; this was customary in al-Andalus mosques.

In 1238, after the Christian Reconquest of the city, its consecration as cathedral of the diocese was carried out with the Episcopal Ordination of its first bishop, Lope de Fitero.

Today the entire complex constitutes the most important monument in Córdoba, and also of all Andalusian architecture, along with the Alhambra, as well as the most emblematic of Spanish-Muslim Umayyad art.

Despite the ups and downs of history, the old mosque survives in its Islamic essence, with the uniqueness of the basic elements. However, having overcome the nineteenth century effort to emphasize the Islamic element, it is an architectural hybrid that synthesizes a good part of the artistic values ​​of the East and West. From this perspective, the Mosque-Cathedral represents a synthesis of the ups and downs of the history of Spain.

Taking advantage of the fact that you are visiting the Mosque-Cathedral, you cannot leave aside the gastronomy and typical food of Córdoba, one of the best known within Andalusia and all of Spain based on the use of natural products and ingredients in the preparation of its recipes, such as olive oil.

Some of its typical dishes:

Salmorejo is a very typical cream from the province of Córdoba, although, due to its light texture and consistency, it is also often served as an accompaniment to other foods, used as a sauce.
For its elaboration, a crumb of bread is made, to which other accessories are added, such as tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and salt. It has to achieve a consistency similar to that of mashed potatoes, and it is usually served garnished on top with various garnishes, such as croutons, ham pieces or grated hard-boiled egg yolks.

Flamenquín Cordobés is one of the most typical dishes you can eat in Córdoba and is present in most of its bars and restaurants.
It consists of a roll-shaped breading where the meat is wrapped with the ham, which are then coated in flour and egg and fried in a pan with plenty of very hot olive oil.

Bull tail (Oxtail)
Another of the most traditional Cordovan meals is the oxtail, an exquisite stew with a very ancient origin. It is essentially a stew, the main ingredient of which is oxtail or bull’s tail.

Fried aubergines with honey
Fried aubergines with honey constitute another of the most popular dishes in the province of Córdoba, and in recent times they have also become one of the most popular tapas in bars and other establishments in the various municipalities of that province.

Pickled anchovies
At the time of the aperitif in any establishment of our country, the anchovies in vinegar become, without a doubt, one of the most requested.

Iberian ham from Los Pedroches
One of the tastiest and most popular products in the province of Córdoba is, without a doubt, the Iberian ham from Los Pedroches. It is a prestigious acorn ham, with Los Pedroches Designation of Origin.

Japuta in marinade
Japuta, also known as palometa, is a fish that, in marinade, constitutes one of the most typical dishes of Cordoba cuisine.

Artichokes a la montillana
Artichokes a la montillana, although widespread in many corners of the Andalusian community, is a traditional recipe from the province of Córdoba. Its main ingredients, as we can easily deduce from its name, are artichokes and wine with Denomination of Origin Montilla-Moriles.

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