Roundtrip to Ibiza Balearic Islands

Roundtrip to Ibiza Balearic Islands in Spain

Ibiza in Balearic Islands Spain has always maintained a reputation as a place of mystical potential; it was a point of reference in the 60s and 70s for hippie culture and for many travelers. It was visited by Pink Floyd, who dedicated a song to a famous bar on the island and is part of the soundtrack of the movie “More”.

The island of Ibiza, within the whole of the Balearic Islands, is still a reference as a destination for young people around the world because of its busy nightlife.

The island also offers numerous coves and beaches for those seeking tranquility.


. Located 900 meters from the famous and bustling Ibiza, next to Sa Conillera and Es Vedrà, this exclusive accommodation is a true refuge in the middle of the Balearic Islands.

. Just 30 minutes from Formentera, it has a large number of trails, cliffs and an environment surrounded by nature in which there are the ideal conditions to practice water sports, enjoy its coves or relax in the spectacular luxury villa in the heart of the islet.

. A true luxury with all the comforts that any VIP may need.


. Ibiza is a combination of traditions and latest trends, such as the annual presentation of the latest adlib fashion in the month of May, more commonly called, Adliv Ibiza Fashion. It is a catwalk crowded by haute couture, due to the originality of its designs.


. Ibizan cuisine is also delicious, classic in its Catalan influence and the oriental touch, the result of the Phoenician and Carthaginian influence in the past, since they were settled in the Balearic Islands until 146 BC.

. Ibiza in Balearic Islands Spain is considered a very popular tourist destination, because there is a wide range of offer for all kind of travelers ’taste. From the quiet tourism, through the historical, till the bustling but no less exciting, last hits in music and fashion. Excellent for group trips of all ages.

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As noted by the UNESCO world organization, 85.64 km² of Ibiza are part of the World Heritage Site called «Ibiza, biodiversity and culture», declared by UNESCO in 1999. It is a place of mixed character, that is, both cultural and natural. Ses Salines Natural Park, known for its bright beach, is part of this Heritage.

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