Las Salinas de Fuencaliente on the Island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Palma has surprising landscapes of great beauty. Highlighting just one would be difficult. However, there are always outstanding spaces, such as the Site of scientific interest in Las Salinas de Fuencaliente. A protected area located in the municipality of Fuencaliente, in the southernmost part of the island of La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain).

It has an area of ​​7 hectares. Included by Law since 1987 within the Cumbre Vieja and Teneguía Natural Park, although in 1994 it went on to obtain the current category. It is located within the Natural Monument of Los Volcanes de Teneguía, where the last volcanic eruption of the islands took place.

The salt flats are not typical of the western Canaries, this being one of their main representatives. It consists of a series of salt pans built to obtain salt. They inhabit several shoreline species. Like the rest of the island, it is located within the La Palma Biosphere Reserve.

The scenery is spectacular. A great contrast between the white of the salt, the black of the volcanic earth and the intense blue of the sea. A palette of colors that explode in our retina, configuring a unique visual spectacle.

Apart from the landscape value of these salt flats, we cannot forget that it is a privileged place for bird watching, especially waders. Thus, it is possible to observe the small black-backed plover or even flamingos. In total there are about 15 species that can be seen in these places, which find in this space the food and rest necessary to make the landscape their nesting area.

Regarding the vegetation, you can find examples of sea lettuce, white salt, niagrera, sea life, sea thyme or even the big head and the cerraja. A wide variety of vegetation associated with the coastal strip that further increase the value of the area.

It is an interesting area to visit, and you can also see the lighthouse and even a small beach, La Zamora, with an overflowing charm. In addition, after the visit you can buy high quality saline products right there.

In this place of black, pink and white colors, declared of scientific interest and protected as a natural space, the pink shades of the captured water are striking. Dunaliella salina, a microorganism adapted to the hypersaline environment, with a reddish coloration that protects it from sunlight, is the culprit for this chewing gum hue. The algae dunaliella salina, rich in beta-carotene and intended for the manufacture of vitamin A capsules, is at the same time the food of a tiny crustacean, artemia salina, also able to survive in extreme saline environments and contribute, along with a bacterium primitive, it arches, to the coloration of the pink flamingos and other birds that visit the salt flats and feed on these organisms. César Manrique, the polyhedral artist from Lanzarote, created a logo that he left as a legacy for the Canarian salineros, the ‘Artemia de César’, an image that suggests the symbiosis between human and nature.

Salt flowers for tall kitchen
The fleur de sel has a delicate sea flavor that lingers on the palate. Mainly used to season all kinds of dishes, this delicatessen is always used last of the plated, since it usually melts in a short time with the juices of the ingredients. The salt flakes, turned into small particles, acquired new flavors and colors.

Lemon & pepper salt is ideal to accompany fish and seafood, a modern proposal for flavors of typical island cuisine. The combination of the nostalgic flavor of red mojo, the quintessential Canarian sauce, with Fuencaliente salt, a wonderful combination with red meat. The green mojo salt lifts the aroma of the appreciated goat’s milk cheeses that are passed through the griddle. The passion of the clappers for their wines meant that there was no lack of wine salt in this catalog for high-end chefs. We suggest that you combine this salt with chocolate pastry.

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