Mallorca Island: Mediterranean Paradise

Mallorca Island, Mediterranean paradise in one of the 5 islands and several islets, forming the archipielago of Balearic Islands.

Its mild climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, together with its beautiful landscapes and beaches, vast cultural offer and opportunities for leisure or relaxation together with the hospitality of its inhabitants, have converted it in a cosmopolitan place.

It’s not strange then, that the airport in the capital, Palma de Mallorca, is one of the busiest in Spain.

The Balearic Islands surprise and fascinate; each island, with its indigenous personality, differs from the other. It is difficult to leave them without the desire to return again and again.

In next paragraphs Iberinbound will show you only a little of the charm of Mallorca island

. Festivals and Folklore

The great variety in traditions and archaic root folklore, traces of the first island’s inhabitants, and of the many cultures who lived in their lands during history, which turn into an original and rich folklore, intense in colorful costumes and attractive and curious parties.

Mallorca’s folklore is characterized by its elegant and ceremonious dances and by its melodious songs, and more specifically of Ciutadella, for its theatricality where the horse is the protagonist of the festival.

. Gastronomy

Balearic cuisine is varied, laborious, opulent, Mediterranean, original and exquisite.

. It is varied, since in such a small territory some 600 recipes have been collected and include the most numerous ingredients from the land and the sea.

. Laborious is for its slow, careful and sophisticated preparations.

. Opulent for its two dominant fats; that of olive oil and that of pork.

It is Mediterranean for obvious reasons, but it is also original due to a series of autochthonous aspects that lead to what can properly be called Balearic cuisine.

Surely few will know that by having tuna fish with mayonnaise they are having tuna fish in the Mahón way; since this sauce was originally called mahonnaise sauce.

The best beaches in Mallorca

Wear on sunglasses because the turquoise blue dazzles

. Cala de Sa Calobra. in Sierra de Tramontana.

. Cala Tuent. boasts a super intense emerald green color.

. Playa S’Amarador. In the famous place of Cala Mondragó, we find this small unspoiled paradise with turquoise waters and surrounded by pine forests.

. Cala Varques.Spectacular. It has an incredible extension of bathing area with that color… guess which? Yes! Turquoise

A trip to Spain is a chance to discover exceptional architectural heritage, to experience unique & dazzling nature, to become acquainted with the customs of the locals and to share with them the joy of life and all its beauty.

Spain gives the opportunity to fulfil every traveller’s dream, no matter what they are searching for: A relaxing time on the beach, a historical journey into the past, an active and adventurous trip out in the nature, or a mixture of it all.

Additionally, you will feel lots of sunshine, divine food and an insight into the diverse Spanish culture with all it has to offer.

The perfect conditions for a roundtrip you will never forget!

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