MICE, Corporate bleisures, with Iberinbound

MICE and Corporate bleisures in Spain and Portugal, with Iberinbound.

According to some experts, bleisure is the buzzword in MICE tourism. In other words, the crux is in creating an offer that combines business and pleasure.

For this, and in a context where interest in gastronomy is booming, a differential factor may be the inclusion of culinary experiences according to new trends.

Surely, the satisfaction of the attendees will be much higher if among the gastronomic proposals of the event include ecological options, fresh food, made with local products, with innovative techniques and a creative aesthetic, which allows them to show off and impress their contacts on social media.

Another distinctive element may be a change in the space in which the event will take place, giving preference to unconventional environments that allow interaction with the local community, enjoying the landscape and accessing a meaningful and fun leisure offer.

Iberinbound iberinbound@iberinbound.com incoming travel agency in Spain and Portugal, MICE, specialized in Group tours if they are Educational, Students, Leisure , ad-hoc groups and Shorex, no matter the sizes of the groups, offers you from wine and gastronomy tours to sailing catamaran cruises beyond or across the Mediterranean Sea, in your MICE, corporate bleisures trip.

Characterized by their Iberian coast and beauties cities, Spain and Portugal are a good destination for companies and have influences about global economic aspects.

Because of their accessible geography, these countries used their sea access boosting for maximize an international market in Spain and Portugal, you can start a little entrepreneurship and even a start-up easily and quickly with help of professionals in the area.

Also, both countries are a wise choice to plan business meetings and conferences or corporate events for their touristic attractive.

Iberinbound www.iberinbound.com is a travel agency based in the center of Barcelona which facilitates and organizes Meetings, Incentives, Congresses and Events, MICE, in their services.

Iberinbound, besides being in charge of the preparations for your trip, designs the logistic of your business meals and where it will take place, either in a conferences room in a hotel or a traditional restaurant.

Iberinbound, iberinbound@iberinbound.com takes your schedule and adapts according to your corporate purposes bringing up all your needs to make your events and conferences, their professional team, can help you to find a space and an assembly, bound your business aim.

Incentives play an important role inside the structure of a business plans, Iberinbound knows that, and offers you within their services, motivational tips and incentive programs, with the goal of creating a counterfoil atmosphere and increment sales.