Lanzarote in Canary Islands with Iberinbound

Lanzarote in Canary Islands. with Iberinbound One of the special places in the world.

Lanzarote is different than other sun and sea destinations. It’s an island where nature and art prevail. A place where the people are as warm as they are active and proud.

Where the food tastes of the sea and the land. Where the essence of the island leaves a mark on your soul long after you depart. That’s The Lanzarote Effect.

Leisure and free time

. Lanzarote’s excellent year-round climate, together with its unique landscape, means that anyone seeking something more than the sun and the beach will be able to enjoy a series of activities in nature.

. Among the activities that can be enjoyed are diving, hiking, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, golf, etc.


. Lanzarote is an island that is filled with surprises. Its gastronomy and wines will no doubt leave the visitor with a sensation of satisfaction.

. Apart from the Guanche legacy, the island gastronomy has also been influenced by Spanish and South American cuisines.

. Excellent meat, fresh fish, vegetables and virgin olive oil all have their place on Lanzarote’s tables. An important role is played by local wines and cheeses.

. Stews are the most typical way of consuming vegetables.

. Owing to the wealth of the sea surrounding the Canary Islands, there are many varieties of fish. Highlights from the recipes using fish include Sancocho (fish stew) and fish soup.

. And we must not forget to mention the most popular dish: papas arrugadas (potatoes boiled in their skins). Accompanied by mojo (a local chilli and garlic sauce), they are must have during any visit to Lanzarote.


. Lanzarote is Living Wine, a leisurely melody from a noble legacy that grows, in this dry subtropical climate.

. The fertile layer of soil into which the established and renewed vine roots sink is hidden, in some cases up to ten metres deep.

The day breaks on the coast of Los Ancones. The air is filled with the smell of saltpetre. The sun blends into a spectacle that starts with gold, turns red and ends with purple before melting into black.

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Lanzarote in Canary Islands. with Iberinbound means allthe choices… relaxing on the beach is not everybody´s favourite holiday activity, as some rather prefer spending their time with sportive activities such as surfing, skiing, climbing, or biking.

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