Trip to Portuguese islands Madeira-Porto Santo.

Trip to Portuguese islands Madeira-Porto Santo.

One of the most beautiful archipielagos in the Atlantic.

. Located 500 km from the African coast (almost the same latitude as Casablanca) and 1000 km from the European continent, the Madeira archipelago, of volcanic origin, is made up of two main islands: the island of Madeira (740.7 km²) and the island of Porto Santo (42.5 km²), and two sets of uninhabited islands: the Desertas Islands, three small islands located 25 km southeast of the island of Madeira and the Selvagens Islands, two islands and sixteen islets located 250 km south of Madeira, which constitute nature reserves.

Madeira is a Portuguese region that, due to its status as an archipelago far from the continent, has a certain autonomy, similar to that of the Spanish Autonomous Communities. The main city is Funchal, the capital of the island of Madeira, which is located to the south of it. It was the first city that the Portuguese founded outside the continent and stretches from the slopes of the immense mountain that is the entire mountain island to the sea, where the historic center is located.

. Other towns of interest are: Vila Baleira or Porto Santo -on the island of the same name; Machico, east of Funchal; Cámara de Lobos, to the west, known for Cabo Girão where one of the highest cliffs in Europe is located (you can go up by funicular); São Vicente, Ponta Delgada and Seixal on the north coast; Porto Moniz, in the extreme north-west of the island. Some towns also stand out for their interest, such as: Santana, on the north coast, with its peculiar Palhoças, traditional Madeira houses; Porto da Cruz, Ribeira Brava and Calheta, west of Funchal.

. The island of Madeira is the largest, but it is still only 57 km long and 22 km wide, so it can be covered in just over an hour.
. On the other hand, a ferry-boat will take you in 2 hours and a quarter to the island of Porto Santo, the second island of the archipelago. To move there are multiple possibilities.

. If you are looking for unique experiences and adventure tourism, Madeira is your destination. They will discover nature in its purest form by doing the thousand and one routes that we will propose. And the beautiful views of the sea from the impressive cliffs or the beautiful golden sand beach of the island of Porto Santo. They will enjoy doing activities and sports related to the mountains or the sea, diving, paragliding, trekking and hiking, mountain biking (BTT) or canyoning, etc …

If you prefer a more cultural tourism, we will offer you a very interesting program of both the monuments and museums that you can visit, and the events and parties in which you can participate.

If what you are looking for is the exclusive relaxation of a paradise full of sun, but not only with a beach, we will recommend you to travel to Porto Santo. Enjoy its medicinal sands, its unimaginable geological formations and its harmonious and pleasant tranquility.

Madeira a subtropical paradise two and a half hours from continental Europe.

Good weather and beaches.
. The range of reasons is wide: firstly its privileged climate with ideal temperatures throughout the year (25ºC in summer and 17ºC in winter) and its warm waters, but also its exuberant nature full of contrasts. The climate is never as hot as in southern Europe, but the temperatures in winter are summery. Madeira’s weather changes quickly depending on the winds, altitude, etc… but it always guarantees sunshine and freshness. And for the regulars of the sun and the sun, you only have to go to Porto Santo, it hardly ever rains there and the sun is omnipresent, but with the advantage of not exceeding 30º thanks to the Atlantic breeze.

Madeira is not a beach destination, it is much more. By this we mean that there are beaches, but these are not the main attraction. There are imported white sand in Calheta and Machico; black in São Vicente and Prainha on the São Lourenço Peninsula. And many other stone beaches where bathing is perfectly possible and desirable (in Funchal there are several), not counting the natural pools set up in Porto Moniz and Seixal. Therefore, there is a lot of beach in Madeira, but it is not the vast white sand beaches of the Caribbean or southern Europe. However, Madeira does not disappoint and, as we have said, sun addicts only have to take the Ferry and in two and a half hours they will be in Porto Santo with kilometers of beaches to get lost in.

UNESCO Nature Reserve.

. Madeira is a volcanic block that arose from the telluric activity of the Atlantic Ridge. A massive block that has been eroded by time but that has mountains and plateaus of up to more than 1800 meters that reach almost to the sea. This has allowed the existence of many microclimates, and extreme geological formations. The cliffs of Cabo Girão are impressive, but they are not the only ones (Achadas da Cruz is another of the spectacular cliffs). The valleys that go into the center are amazing as they form narrow stepped valleys in front of cliffs of more than a thousand meters. For example, the area of ​​Encumeada or Curral das Freiras, an almost inaccessible geological basin or the levada das 25 fontes.

Iberinbound, , encourages you to enjoy the trip to Portuguese islands Madeira-Porto Santo.

Madeira, not only for its incredible natural landscapes, but also for its history and its cultural heritage: a heritage dating back to the time of the Discoveries (Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gama are closely related to Madeira) and which is reflected in its museums, churches, palaces, in customs, folklore, festivals and artistic and craft manifestations.

And, throughout your stay in Madeira, we advise you to try the specialties of Madeiran cuisine, simple and closely linked to the sea, with seafood dishes and fresh fish, such as octopus and shrimp prepared in different ways, grilled limpets , the tuna steaks and the Madeiran swordfish fillets. As for meats, the famous “Espetada” of beef, accompanied by fried corn and the typical Bolo-do-Caco with garlic butter.

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