Wine tours in Spain with Iberinbound

Wine tours in Spain with Iberinbound.

Spain owns large extensions of vineyards, in fact has approximately 1.2 million hectares of grape seeds, being the third (followed by France and Italy) country in the world with more production wine agricultural extension.

Spain smells of wine, providing a variety of products seeds (merlot and cabernet sauvignon) by means of the traditional and artisanal process; it brings to their tourists a good opportunity to know about wine techniques and its history.

Iberinbound, incoming travel agency in Spain and Portugal for groups,, offers you a package with several wine tours in Spain, depending on the area and the type of wine you want to taste.

The transport to the different regions is guaranteed and you can schedule with the personal staff of Iberinbound Travel completing the trip in their vineyards.

La Rioja wines

. One of the wine tours that Iberinbound organizes in Spain, is in the Rioja Alavesa, a northern region with wine designation of origin, that is to say; only can be produced in this area and the exports are more detailed. Here it’s produced the famous “wine of Rioja” perfect to accompany a Mediterranean dinner.

. A few meters far of “La Rioja Alavesa”, we can find Navarrete; another region with many wine cellars of label and influences from touristic visits, you can taste and contradistinguish different types of wine and enjoy this unique experience that only Iberinbound can bring in to you.

Wine is one of the principal export products in Spain. All around the country, we can find a variety of vineyards and fruit strains by the climatic conditions of each region; that which produce a distinct and appropriate wine to each environment and taste.

The Spanish wine is recognized worldwide for its particular taste and the different varieties found in the market. For this reason, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country is its wine and gastronomy tours.

Sevilla region

. Know Seville and its types of wines with Iberinbound DMC. Within the broader wine regions of Spain, Andalusia and especially the city of Seville, highlight by its difference types of wine, which is involved in the final result of the aromas and flavors of the region.

. Seville is located in the southern Spain and itself is a complete tourist destination, because host the largest vineyards in the country and its streets are protagonist of the most representative festivities in Spain representative of a cultural and historical heritage.

Iberinbound as an incoming travel agency knows the gastronomic power of the wine – especially red – in the Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. The red and white meat are part of the main Spanish dishes, it’s for this reason that the wine ends up being an ideal and appropriate companion to each type of preparation.