El Hierro in Canary Islands, Spain

El Hierro in Canary Island, Spain, with Iberinbound Travel www.iberinbound.com

El Hierro is the smallest island in the Canary Islands. Of the seven, it is the one furthest west and shares the same climate as the rest. A paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Life in El Hierro is different. It’s special, it’s unique. It is an island to be enjoyed with all five senses, to discover its landscapes and feel its peace.

El Hierro is an island with life… the island with soul.

Historically, El Hierro in Canary Islands, Spain, has been known by numerous different names, before reaching its current name.

Ombrion, Capararia, Pluvialia, Eseró or Hero, have been some of the best known designations. But, without a doubt, the name of “Meridian Island” is the one that hides the largest and most famous history.

This name is attributed to Ptolemy, a Greco-Egyptian astronomer who located, in the 2nd century, the Zero Meridian at the west end of the island, coinciding exactly with the Punta de Orchilla de El Hierro.

It would remain so for centuries until, in 1884, it was transferred to Greenwich.

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. The warm temperatures influence the sea, which makes the waters of El Hierro, with an average of 20ºC, perfect for scuba diving and enjoying unmatched marine biodiversity.

. The annual average of 22 and 24ºC, allows us to walk along the beach both in winter and summer, feel the pleasant heat of the sun on our skin, breathe nature and fresh air, elements that completely renew us.

. Clear skies and low rainfall make it possible to enjoy more sunny days and many hours of light, approximately 4,800 hours a year.


. El Hierro’s cuisine is the true reflection of a rural society with very characteristic local ingredients, marked by the purity of its land and its products, its traditions and the influence of other cultures and times.

. Fish occupies a predominant place in the diet of El Hierro. It can be fried, stewed or grilled. And always accompanied with the famous wrinkled potatoes with red or green mojo; a typical combination throughout the Canary Archipelago.

. A product that cannot be missing in any dish from El Hierro is cheese. Elaborated in an artisan way, it is usually produced with goat, cow or sheep milk.

. Much of the island’s typical recipes are based on cheese. Among them, the cheese broth, inherited from the pastoral culture, or the quesadilla, the typical sweet of the island.


. Since 1994, El Hierro has had its own Denomination of Origin, certifying the quality of its wines. In the Campo de Frontera Cooperative, the best ones are made for a good pairing with herreño cheese.

. Most of the production is destined for white wines with body and personality and, to a lesser extent, for rosés with fruity aromas and young reds, bottled a few months after the harvest.