Thermal Spa’s culture in Spain

Thermal Spa’s culture in Spain.

Spa’s in Spain are sanitary centers, bathroom galleries and springs that have been scenarios of a way of understanding life, where people deposited their hopes of healing.

Its beginnings date back to ancient Greece and Rome, where the hot springs began to be used for citizens’ use. Already then differentiated between private bathroom spaces (balmes or balneum) and public spaces (thermae or therma).

Both the Romans and the Arabs built spa’s in Spain around natural springs, with waters with mineral-medicinal properties, in order to be able to use them as thermal cures to treat different diseases.

From its origins, people accessed the spa’s naked. They started in the tepidarium (warm water rooms), then went to the caldarium (hot water pools). No soap was used, only special oils to clean the body. Finally they went to the so-called frigadarium, larger swimming pools.

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. The physicochemical qualities of the mineral-medicinal waters of the spas in Spain reach the fullness of their therapeutic effects at the foot of the spring, where the water emerges with its intact properties and characteristics.

. The spas have specialized doctors, responsible for assessing the health status of the person, weighing the extent of the ailments and prescribing appropriate treatments.

. There is the possibility of completing treatments with fangoterapia (mud), an increasingly widespread technique or receiving therapies with hydrotherapy-Kneipp.

Of great variety and richness, mineral-medicinal waters are an enormous tourist and social potential in Spain. Its use is spreading and spas are no longer places for the sick, but for young and healthy people.

. The variety of treatments has increased, being increasingly requested by clients of the spas in Spain, whether in the countryside, cities or beaches, throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands or Canary Islands.

In short, the spas and thermal spas in Spain will leave you as new and you will leave with the renewed energies to face your daily life again.

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