A Coruña in Galicia. Spain

We have always been struck by the fact that most of the tourism that arrives in Spain is concentrated around the Mediterranean coast and the number of visitors to the north of the country is clearly smaller.

However, for those of us who don’t like the stifling heat typical of summer, and love leafy nature and good food, Northern Spain is the perfect option.

Specifically, Galicia offers us a different climate than most of the country’s regions, since a large part of the cloud fronts that enter Spain do so from the northwest and rains are quite common.
This weather provides a spectacular green mantle full of trees and forests with a special charm.

One of the cities that receives these fronts is A Coruña, located in the extreme northwest of the country, considered to be the capital of the Rías Altas and the second most populous city in Galicia.

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Rosa Dos Ventos
The Rosa Dos Ventos is located just below the Tower of Hercules and is a huge mosaic that, like a compass, represents the nautical directions. Different meanings are attributed to it on ancient Celtic legends, hence it is considered a very special spiritual place where positive energies converge.

It is not strange to find groups of people who sit together to enjoy the silence and the sea breeze.

It is a place that transmits a lot of peace and from where you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in A Coruña with panoramic views of the Riazor beach.

Tower of Hercules
The Tower of Hercules is, without a doubt, one of the great emblems of the city and its history is full of myths and legends.

What is clear is that it is the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world and the only one from that time that is still in operation today.

This lighthouse has undergone many transformations throughout history, being reformed at different times that it has been living.

Today you can visit it inside, and you can even go up to its highest part to see the spectacular panoramic views of this area of ​​the city.

Also in the interior you can visit the remains of the archaeological excavations that were found, and you can see audiovisuals that explain their history.

The best time to see the halo of light from the Tower of Hercules lighthouse is before sunrise, so if you want to enjoy it in operation, play early.

Port of A Coruña
As a city of fishing tradition that is A Coruña, its port is one of the most characteristic enclaves.
Today you can see the moorings where the boats that go out to fish are located following this ancient tradition; This area is the only one that can be visited from the port.

Although occasionally in some years during the summer, huge school ships usually arrive that moor in it so that the whole city can visit them for free.

In the several visits that we have made in the summer to Coruña we have been able to get on several of them; If your stay in the city coincides with the presence of one of these ships, do not hesitate to visit it.

At the entrance to the port of A Coruña, on the seafront, do not miss the building in which the Casino is located, which you will identify by its blue domes and beautiful decorations.

And, of course, you will see one of the iconic images of the city, the buildings with glazed galleries that follow one another through the La Marina area.

A Coruña Old Town
A Coruña has always been a city linked to the influence of the sea, which is why its old town has many buildings with a fishing tradition and vestiges of colonial houses with spectacular ornamentation.

Walking through the old town is walking through years of history, and where you can see large windows that impress any visitor.

It is currently the area with the most life in the city, where the vast majority of restaurants and nightlife areas in A Coruña are located.

It is a perfect place to get lost in its streets stopping to enjoy its gastronomy.