The best seafood in Galicia

best seafood in galicia

Galicia, lying on the northern coast of Spain, has access to some of the best seafood in Europe. Famous all over Spain, fish, crabs, octopus, and shellfish are served throughout the country. So join us on a countdown of the best seafood in Galicia.


Octopus, the best seafood in Galicia or in Spain?

This is typical of the region and consists of adult octopus, boiled whole until the meat is meltingly tender. The tentacles are usually what is most commonly served in restaurants throughout the region. By ordering octopus, you will probably be served it with salt, olive oil and smoked paprika, over boiled potatoes. This is the typical pulpo a la Gallega which can be found throughout Spain.



These little delicacies have a strange appearance but are amongst one of the most expensive  types of seafood in the world. Many claim that this is the best seafood in Galicia, but the jury is out. Percebes are actually barnacles, that thrive in rough seas and on rocky cliffs. There is an art to eating them, which involves removing the skin by biting through it and sucking out the inside. It sounds a little odd, but the taste is out of this world. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eat just one so make sure you have enough cash to pay for these little gems.



This is another delicacy of the region and may seem a little exotic to many palates. Centollo is spider crab, which can be pricey but the taste more than makes up for it. The crab is usually prepared by scraping out the meat, which is then made into a soup. The legs are eaten, by cracking open and the flesh scooped out. Spider crab is meatier than it´s other crustacean counterparts, but the quality of the meat is second to none. Trying the best seafood in Galicia has to include spider crab!



This is a particular type of lobster that is again typical of the region. They are often confused as shrimp but the taste is entirely lobster. Again, the claw and tail are cracked open and served with little more than some lemon juice. These can be found all over Galicia and are in fact typical of Atlantic seas. You may see them pop up in rice dishes or served alone, heaped on a plate. Some of the best seafood in Galicia is often found in a shell, so do not let the hard work of cracking them open put you off!



The common type of clam found in these parts are quite small, with a pale shell which house delicious, meaty clams inside. They are often served by the dozen with garlic and other herbs. They are best eaten with bread in order to soak up the flavor. These make for a cheaper eat and are perfect for sharing with friends. You may even see clam pickers on the beaches as you walk through the coastal areas of Galicia. The freshness is what makes clams one of the best types of seafood in Galicia.



Most people are no stranger to trying mussels as they can be found throughout the continent. They are cheap, easy to eat and can be accompanied with an assortment of condiments. They can be steamed or served with a marinade, and usually come drizzled in lemon juice. Do not shy away from ordering mussels as you may have already tried them. Mussels from this area of Spain are among the best in Europe and certainly make it onto our list of the best seafood in Galicia.
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