The former mining town has a notably romantic atmosphere, created by its historical and medieval architecture. Well-preserved monuments, palaces, churches, and squares can be explored during a long walk around the old parts of the city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The vast nature surrounding the city, including the Monfragüe National Park, invites to go hiking and enjoy the nature, with highlights like for example the blossoming cherry trees during spring. The city is surrounded by an ancient Moorish town wall with 12 out of 30 beautiful watch towers still standing, adding to the romantic and spiritual flair of the city. A varied cultural program including museums, theatres, or concerts makes Caceres an interesting destination with many possibilities for all kinds of interests and preferences.

Region: Extremadura

The region of Extremadura is famous for its wide nature, perfect for activities like hiking or bird watching. The climate is favorable for these activities with mild winters and warm summers, due to its location just north of Andalusia and sharing the complete western border with Portugal, which at the same time gives the area a Mediterranean as well as Atlantic maritime touch. Several National Parks for example along the riverbeds of the rivers Tajo and Guadiana, or the beautiful mountain ranges are just examples for the vast and fertile nature of Extremadura.