Why is Madrid one of the top destinations for school trips?

destinations for school trips

Madrid, like any capital city, is extremely impressive, which is why it is one of the top destinations for school trips around Europe. Take your students here for a fun filled trip, packed with culture, art and beautiful architecture. Even with leisure activities, students will definitely learn something about Madrid’s history in the process. Here is why Madrid is such a great city to take them to.

Destinations for school trips in Madrid

The Majestic Atmosphere

When you visit Madrid, you clearly know that it’s the capital of Spain. You’re welcomed by pristine streets, colorful buildings and majestic statues. Its bustling plazas, Puerto del Sol and Plaza de España are filled with vibrant people, laughing, talking and living. Take a visit to the Royal Palace and see where the majestic atmosphere began. Home to the Kings of Spain from Charles III to Alfonso XIII, it takes you on a journey of history and elegance. Your jaw will drop at some of the rooms, which are filled with interesting designs, silver and gold and grandiose statues. Next to the Royal Palace of Madrid is the beautiful Almudena Cathedral, another must see. It’s an amazing Catholic church with an interior dedicated to the glory of God, with colored frescoes on its ceiling. Tour more of the city and discover hidden gems like this around every corner.

The Museums

Take your students on a trip down art lovers lane. Madrid is literally filled with amazing art on every avenue. Discover Spanish masterpieces at Madrid’s Museo de Prado, where paintings by Goya and the famous Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez are displayed. Or, try the Reina Sofia, another premier museum that specializes in abstract, modern and contemporary art. Check out a myriad of works by Salvador Dali and Picasso here, like La Guernica, a famous Picasso depiction of the Spanish Civil War. Besides the most famous museums, there are also a ton of art galleries around Madrid that display everything from paintings to video art and sculptures.


Retiro Park

A walk through Retiro Park will definitely make you smile. During the summer, you’ll see care-free faces rollerskate down its clean, paved pathways. People sit out on tapestries in the grass having picnics, listening to music and chatting gleefully with their friends. Originally, Retiro belonged to the Spanish monarchy, but eventually became a public park by the late 19th century. Like the rest of Madrid, it has a majestic quality. There are beautiful sculptures, monuments, and galleries at every turn. Students can take strolls and or ride paddle boats in the park’s artificial lake near it’s Monument to King Alfonso XII. The cost is only 6 euros Monday through Friday per boat, which makes for a fun group activity. This park charms visitors on first glance, so don’t be surprised if your students want to stay here for a while.


Parque Warner

Kids will go nuts here, but don’t worry—in a good way. This theme park is located just 23km outside of Madrid and has amazing rollercoasters and other attractions with superhero and Looney Tunes themes. A visit to Parque Warner would be a fun way to end any school year. Also, if your kids are bored of the Madrid museums, this is a great day trip to help them let loose.


You Can Take Amazing Day Trips

You can’t take a school trip to Madrid without visiting the beautiful towns around it. Other destinations for school trips are Ávila, Segovia and Toledo. These historic cities will definitely take your breath away. Ávila’s medieval walls city, for example, transport you back to the middle ages and make you feel like a royal. Segovia is simply magical, with an Alcazar that looks like its straight out of Disneyland. Then in Toledo, the rich cultural sites are endless. Your students won’t get bored on a school trip when you have these amazing cities to see. So, take them and let them see Spain for all of its wonderful glory.

These destinations for school trips are awesome. You can’t miss them!