Discover Malaga, the city of paradise

discover Malaga

Malaga is well-known for it´s laidback party atmosphere. However, it is one of Spain´s most charming cities. History, architecture and great food all combine to make you want to discover Malaga.

Discover Malaga in the past

Malaga, like many Spanish cities, has a wealth of historical gems. The Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba are all architectural delights that show Malaga as it was many years ago. If you want to truly discover Malaga, this should be your first stop. The castle walls offer a fantastic vista of the city. By walking along, you will finish in the Alcazaba where you can relax in stunning gardens. From here, you can watch the sun go down (or rise) and imagine the Malaga of the past. It is well worth visiting the castle and it´s ground, as you may discover Malaga from a new perspective. The blend of cultures combine to represent a picture of Spanish life centuries ago.

After this, discover Malaga from an altogether different point of view. Take some time to tour around La Manquita, Malaga´s cathedral. Dating from the 15th century and built over an old mosque, it was never completed. There are some wonderful artworks inside the cathedral and it is an essential stop on any visit. The cathedral provides a glimpse into Spain´s religious history and of Malaga itself.

There is no shortage of culture in Malaga. After immersing yourself in history, it is essential to discover Malaga in a modern light. Visit the Picasso museum and see artworks from the Malaga-born artist. The museum is housed in a building that dates back to Roman times, traces of which can be seen throughout. The museum itself houses more than 200 paintings.

Discover Malaga, a city of delight

After all this history and culture, it might be necessary to stop off and relax. When you discover Malaga, you also discover the excellent food scene the city has. The renovated Pier 1 has breathtaking views of the city and is the perfect place to enjoy some tapas. You can also try the local sweet wine in any of the bars here. There are also shops and restaurants to relax after a day in the sun.

As the sun goes down, make like the locals and head to Mitjana Square. To discover Malaga means to discover it´s people, and this is the perfect place to people watch. There are plenty of bars to enjoy a cool drink, and the square is always lively. This is strategically placed in the old centre of Malaga. This makes it the place to see some beautiful examples of Spanish architecture. Have a paseo and drink in the atmosphere.

The next question is what to eat in Malaga? When you discover Malaga, you will notice that it has a world-class standard of dining. The area is famous for it´s seafood. The most delicious of all being grilled sardines or fried fish. These are mainly eaten as tapas, with a cold beer or glass of wine. If you like something sweeter, it would be a shame not to eat some tasty churros. Try out some of the older bars, which often have very typical Spanish interiors. Ancient tiles, barrels, bullfighting posters and bottles can adorn the walls. After all, Malaga has a reputation for being a party town, so why not join in?

Malaga really is a city of two halves. The old traditions blend seamlessly with modern concepts and anyone that has the opportunity to discover Malaga will not regret it.

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