Granada, the province as well as its correspondent capital, is located nearby one of the highest mountain ranges in Spain (Sierra Nevada), creating a spectacular view when arriving in Granada. But not only the surroundings convince the visitors of the beauty of the city. Granada is a city full of history, tradition and culture and is home to one of the most visited sights in Spain, the Alhambra. Alhambra is a breath-taking renowned palace on the top of a hill, one of the most beautiful and spectacular places with a massive castle and astonishing gardens with a lot of ponds, little lakes and rivers. It is a Royal Arab Palace and Throughout the whole city, Arab influences are still strongly visible in the architecture. Granada is also a university city, with lots of students creating a lively and active atmosphere in the otherwise quite traditional city. Thus, Granada is an all-rounder with culture, nature, beauty, fun & entertainment and many more valuable aspects on offer.