Jurassic route through Spain

Many of us love dinosaurs and it is usually one of the topics that most attracts the smallest of the house, especially if they have enjoyed movies like Jurassic Park and their curiosity and interest in history is a constant.

So, this time, Iberinbound iberinbound@iberinbound.com offers six dinosaur destinations in Spain to go with children, perfect to enjoy alone, in company or with the whole family.

Prehistoric Catalonia. The last home of the dinosaurs
The skeletons, footprints and eggs found in the Catalan sites are of great value. Catalonia was one of the last strongholds of dinosaurs.
The presence of fossilized remains of dinosaurs, such as bones, footprints and eggs in Catalonia is more than remarkable. The important skeletal remains found force us to start the route in the Pyrenees. Specifically, in the town of Sant Romà d’Abella (Isona i Conca Dellà, Pallars Jussà) where a new species of hadrosaur named Pararhabdodon isonensis has been discovered in clear reference to the name of the area.
From this same period and due to the quantity and quality of the skeletal remains found, it is also important to visit the Basturs and La Posa sites, also in the Isona i Conca Dellà district. Equally attractive are the fossilized footprints, called ichnites, which can be seen in the Fumanya sites (Fígols and Vallcebre, Berguedà) where the main one is made up of around 2,000 ichnites, the vast majority of which are titanosaur.
The Coll de Nargó (Alt Urgell) deposit is one of the three most important in the world. It has a museum, to know the different species or the causes of their extinction. The Mirador del Cretaci allows to see in situ, from a footbridge, footprints and fossil remains of eggs.

Dinópolis Territory (Teruel)
In Teruel (Aragon) is located Dinópolis Territory, one of the essential destinations for dinosaur lovers in Spain. This territory is organized around a large central park in the city of Teruel and other smaller parks or visitor centers in the rest of the province.
You can enjoy various themed tours and visit the paleontological museum with more than 1000 pieces; shows and simulators like the robotic recreation of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Lost Ravine (La Rioja)
The footprint of the dinosaurs in La Rioja is also remarkable. Here is a paleo-adventure park known as El Barranco Perdido, with a 3D Cretaceous museum; a cretaceous beach with a large underwater pool, geysers, pools and a solarium; a paleontological circuit and a multi-adventure circuit, with Tibetan bridges, zip lines and archery, among other activities.
The Lost Ravine is located in the town of Enciso, where a large part of the archaeological remains that have been found in the community are found.

 Icnitas Route (Soria)
In Soria (Castilla y León) is the Ruta de las Icnitas, a tour of the province with which to discover all the remains and thematic sites dedicated to dinosaurs, with various rest and recreation areas.
Following this route, it is possible to see the dinosaur reproductions in different sites, such as the Allosaurus dinosaur in Fuente Lacorte-El Frontal (Bretún), the diplodocid dinosaur in Miraflores (Fuentes de Magaña) and the Iguanodon and its small calf in Villar del Río, among others. Among the different parks and rest areas, the Cretaceous Adventure Park of San Pedro Manrique stands out.

DinoPark (Algar)
Very close to Benidorm (Alicante), in the town of Algar, is DinoPark, a theme park with life-size reproductions of dinosaurs. Some of them are robotic, while others can be mounted on smaller ones.
A paleontological play area is also enabled for children and the whole family can see the projections in its 3D cinema or visit its botanical garden. The park closes in December, January and February; the rest of the year it is open every day.

Dinosaur Route (Cuenca)
The Dinosaur Route in Cuenca (Castilla-La Mancha) is duly marked with a dozen sites of geological-paleontological interest.
You will discover one of the most outstanding paleontological deposits at a European level, that of Las Hoyas, where more than 132 different species of animals and plants have been registered.

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