La Gomera Island in the Canary archipelago. Spain

The Canary Islands were born from volcanoes and, favored by one of the best climates and a privileged situation, they gave rise to that explosion of nature that characterizes them.
The volcanoes have left their mark on each and every one of the islands;
craters, caves, washings, boilers, seas of lava …
A lunar landscape, very different, that leaves no one indifferent.

For this reason Iberinbound, incoming travel agency in Canary Islands, specialized in Group tours if they are Educational, Students, Leisure , ad-hoc groups, Shorex, MICE advises you to visit the Island of La Gomera and a special recommendation to:

Garajonay National Park
650 Kms of trails full of magic. The park stands out above all for being the main exponent of the Canarian laurel, an ecosystem from the Tertiary Era, which disappeared from the continent as a result of climatic changes in the Quaternary. The laurel forest of Garajonay concentrates half of the mature tree extension of this type of vegetation throughout the archipelago, in optimal conservation conditions.
If you have several days, it is recommended. On the same day you can enter the park through one of the circular or linear paths with easy access and little difficulty. Keep in mind that in the environment of the national park there are restaurants that offer traditional Canarian and Gomera food.

The park’s network of trails consists of 18 routes, but in the rest of the island there are dozens of trails of great interest. It is recommended not to walk alone, bring water, some food, warm clothes, hat and sunscreen.
Entering one of the forests of the Canary Islands is like entering on the stage of a story. The permanent humidity provided by trade winds has created a spectacular vegetation cover.
Among them, the laurel forests which makes up one of the few reserves left in the world, virtually unchanged since the Tertiary Era.

Whether you go by car to the trails or if you walk outside the mountain, is not a bad idea to always wear a swimsuit and a towel since, whether the road ends on the coast or if you have gone by car to the park and then it goes to some coastal town, the island is comfortable enough to be in the morning in a jungle and filling the mud boots, continue enjoying the local cuisine in one of the varied restaurants of the island and end with a nap in the beach, bathroom included. The Canary Islands allow you to enjoy the beach almost every day of the year.

The skies of the Canary Islands are the cleanest and clear of Europe, and are protected by the Law on the Protection of Astronomical Quality
of the Observatories. This makes it one of the best points on the planet for observation of the universe and have astronomical facilities of great relevance worldwide, located at 2,400 meters above sea level.

 You will find guided night routes or visits to the giant telescopes that will bring you closer to the stars.