Lanzarote with children: fun for all the family

lanzarote with children

Lanzarote has some wonderful attractions for the whole family, from water parks to activities on the beach. The island has long been considered one of the most family friendly islands in Europe, and as you will see, there is no shortage of things to do in Lanzarote with children.

The Yellow Submarine, subaqua fun in Lanzarote with children

This is an excellent activity to do with children, as you descend to the bottom of the ocean. The submarine has windows whereby you can see the marine life outside. The dive is accompanied by a diver who feeds the fish, ensuring that the children can see it all happen up close. The submarine itself is quite large and there is plenty of space to move around. The only drawback is that the dive only lasts one hour, so you may want to come back again.

Rancho Texas, the perfect place to enjoy Lanzarote with children

This is one of the more classic attractions of Lanzarote and is one of the top places to take children. The park is based on the Wild West which means that most of it’s attractions carry the same theme. The park is also the largest zoo in Lanzarote, with a display of stunning white tigers. There is also a petting farm for smaller children, as well as plenty of ponies and horses. The park also features a variety of live-action shows, involving sea mammals, birds and crocodiles. The park also offers a competitive price for entry, which makes it one of the cheaper options to enjoy Lanzarote with children.

The Pirate Museum

This museum is apt for it’s task, as it is situated in the Castillo Santa Barbara, close to the town of Teguise. The formidable building houses an excellent museum charting the history of piracy in The Canary Islands. The location of the Canaries and it’s proximity to Africa made it a battleground of piracy in the past and the museum has some really interesting artefacts to display such a history. If you are looking for something a little more educational in Lanzarote with children, then look no further as the museum is a great option for big kids and small kids alike.

A trip on a catamaran

If lounging on the beach all day is your idea of fun but you also want to entertain the children, consider taking a ride on a catamaran. Adults can relax in sun loungers whilst the children can learn how to sail the catamaran. The catamarans usually sail into Papagayo, which a wonderful beach resort. Here the adults can relax by the sea as children can take snorkel or jet ski lessons. This is one of the best ways to enjoy Lanzarote with children, as they can participate in water sports, learn a skill but parents can also relax nearby.

Horse riding

You can also try another activity on land, rather than at sea. There are many places where the family can enjoy a ride upon a horse or a camel, with instructors. Several of these also offer classes on how to care for these animals as well as riding them. If you have very young children, they can enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride instead. Many of these farms also have a playground for the kids to let off steam if horse riding isn’t their bag. No doubt a fun way to enjoy Lanzarote with children, for all the family.


There are of course many beaches for the whole family to enjoy, most notably in Puerta del Carmen. Many child-friendly attractions are located close to this area, so you will have no shortage of fun.


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