8 Leisure Activities in Seville that you will enjoy

leisure activities in seville

So, you’re headed to Seville? Guess what—you’re definitely going to love it. It’s the capital of Andalusia, the vibrant and culturally rich region of southern Spain, famous for Flamenco dancing, bull-fighting and a cold tomato-based soup called gazpacho. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in Seville since there are so many famous landmarks. There are many leisure activities in Seville to enjoy. However, you can still see these amazing sites and have a relaxing vacation. Here’s what to do if you want to take things leisurely in this lively Spanish city.

8 Leisure Activities in Seville

Jardin de Murillo

One of the best leisure activities in Seville is to walk through what once was the Alcazar Palace’s historical vegetable garden. The Jardin de Murillo is truly a marvel of Moorish artistry right next to Seville’s historic center. Take a leisurely stroll and escape the noise of the city. You’ll see breathtaking groups of trees and hedges, which add to the gardens’ overall serenity, with straight, softly padded pathways lined with beautiful sculptures and monuments for you to enjoy. Go take a nice leisurely stroll to start your morning.

Parque De Maria Luisa

Enjoy Seville’s main public park’s open air museum and botanical garden. This can be one of the fabulous and free leisure activities in Seville. Here, you’ll find a lovely array of monuments, gardens and boulevards surrounding the famous Plaza De España. It’s easy to appreciate the nature around you. Palm and orange and pine groves, flower beds, ponds and fountains decorate the scenery, while parrots and ducks and swans populate the park’s fountains and lakes.

The Seville Museum of Fine Arts

Spend a relaxing afternoon at the Seville Museum of Fine Arts, which contains gorgeous exhibits from 17th century artists. Look out for the famous painting, Death of the Maestro, a scene based on when the bullfighter Bocanegra, who was tossed and gored in a bullring in Seville in 1880. Its detail and style captivate audiences from far and wide.


Take a break from the museums for leisure activities in Seville and bring the kids to a fun-filled waterpark. Aquapolis is packed with fun activities for all ages. Daredevils can get their thrill fix while riding through fast flowing rivers and slides. There’s a scary one in particular that’s completely dark inside. For toddlers, there’s a mini-pool and parents can relax in a bubbly hot tub experience. Other park favorites include a wave pool and a zipline adventure designed to get your adrenalin pumping.

Aire de Sevilla

Relax and unwind in the Aire de Seville Arabic baths. These ancient baths are in the heart of Sevilla’s historic Santa Cruz neighborhood in a beautiful centuries old Mudéjar-style palace. Step into a classic Andaluz-style courtyard and let your journey to relaxation begin. Candle-lit rooms invite you to take soothing baths with water at a variety of different temperatures. While your bathing, treat yourself to facial treatments, therapeutic massages or even a cup of artisan tea.

Flamenco dancing lessons

Get your castanets ready! Learn Flamenco, a traditional Gypsy dance and music style, in the city where it originated. Check out Taller Flamenco, a specialized Flamenco academy located near the trendy Alameda neighborhood of Seville. If you’re only in Seville for a short time, don’t worry—you can still learn flamenco. The Museo de Flamenco hosts one-day workshops to teach you the basics of this traditional, intricate art form. So, get to stepping!

Cruise down the River Guadalquivir

The Guadalquivir is among the longest rivers in Spain and adds to the natural rich beauty of Seville. Plus, it has a bigger role in Andalusia by supporting its diverse agriculture and animal life. On a cruise down the long stretch of water, you’ll sail past historical sites like the famous Tower of Gold, the Triana Bridge and the mesmerizing San Telmo Palace. You can book one on getyourguide.com.

Take a Walk Through Plaza de España

Plaza de España is Seville’s most iconic landmark. Originally built for the Ibero-American exhibition in 1929, this large brick building depicts the history of Spanish provinces on painted ceramic benches. The Renaissance style is simply epic, which is why Plaza de España is one of the most visited attractions in the city. Take a stroll through it and marvel at its towers, artistry and lovely fountain in the center.