Mijas in the Costa del Sol. Andalucia

Mijas is a coastal city of Malaga on the Costa del Sol (Andulia) and next to Fuengirola.

Most of the area that Mijas occupies is mountainous and has two main population centers, one of them located on the coast and the other in the mountainous area about 428 meters above sea level and with a typical village character, Andalusian.

Mijas has belonged to the Turdetan people, an Iberian people who lived mainly in the Guadalquivir valley, south of the Iberian peninsula. The turdetanos are the direct descendants of the tartesos, who had a great Greek influence. The turdetanos were considered by the Romans as the most cultured population on the peninsula, with their own writing and laws that they said dated back to 6000 years back then.

Phoenicians and Greeks have passed through Mijas, attracted by the available mining. When the Romans arrived they called it Tamisa, an important trading center until the fall of the empire, at which time the barbarians entered.

Mijas White Village With the arrival of the Muslims and the conquest of Malaga in the year 714, they allowed the inhabitants of Mijas to maintain their goods and customs. From then on the municipality was known as Mixa and experienced significant economic and cultural growth until the Christian invasion in 1487, the inhabitants of Mijas strongly opposed the invasion and were therefore slaughtered and sold as slaves. The houses and belongings of the previous inhabitants were reassigned to other Christians who came from northern Spain or from other nearby conquered towns.

There was great pirate activity in the area, so they had to build watchtowers that are still preserved and can be visited. These strategically located towers along the entire coast warned of the arrival of enemies on the coasts of Malaga.

During the history of Mijas, agriculture and fishing have been important for its development, as well as mining and livestock to a lesser extent.

Mijas Pueblo
Mijas Pueblo offers a large number of tourist attractions that we can visit, and throughout the year numerous festivals are held, many of them during the summer outdoors.

Museums in Mijas
Max’s caravan, a museum that shows us a collection of miniatures that include reduced heads.

Historical Ethnological Museum with old tools.
The watchtower center, located in Torre Nueva in Cala del Moral, exhibits the history of the Mijas towers.

Monuments in Mijas
Most of the Mijas monuments have a religious origin due to the entry of the Catholic conquerors:

– Chapel of Santa Ana: It dates from the 18th century

– Virgen de la Peña Chapel: A chapel carved out of the rock between 1656 and 1682

– Church of San Sebastián: from the end of the 17th century with religious paintings on its walls.

– Church of the Immaculate: a 17th-century church located in the upper part of the town, built on an old mosque, of which its tower remains as a bell tower.

– Calvario Chapel: Built in the early eighteenth century at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas

– Chapel of San Antón from the 18th century.

– Jardines de la Muralla: Gardens built in the old fortress that surrounds the town of Mijas.

– Watchtowers: These towers were used to watch the coasts and the entrance of enemies like pirates.

Mijas Costa and its beaches
Mijas Costa is a privileged place that offers great beauty on its high quality beaches. If you like to enjoy the Sun and the sea, in Mijas Costa you can find several beaches that you can visit:

La Cala: This beach is located in the Cala de Mijas, where concerts and night festivals are occasionally held during the weekends in summer.

Calahonda: Good beach for fishing and diving.

El Bombo: A beach located next to a cliff, ideal for diving.

El Chaparral: Rocky beach where there is usually enough waves.

El Faro: Ideal beach for spearfishing has small coves.

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