This Galician town is a very relaxed, yet exciting and interesting place. With most of its streets, being solely for pedestrians, it is the perfect place to stroll around the city, enjoying the many parks and squares. A huge historical collection including inhabited stone houses, ruins of Santo Domingo, or a unique selection of silver and gold pieces in the Museum of Pontevedra can be found. The historic and also religious atmosphere and the many restaurants and bars make the stay in Pontevedra even more pleasant.

Region: Galicia

Galicia’s coastline expands to a moderate amount of 1660 km, including the small islands close by, such as Arousa Island. The region is relatively hilly, with mountains up to 2000m high, and in combination with the oceanic climate creates beautiful nature. The conditions are the best for extensive farming activities, which is the origin of most of the region’s income besides shipbuilding and fishing and last but not least tourism. The coastline is dazzling with breathtaking cliffs all along the seashore, sprinkled with charming little seaside towns like Combarro.