5 must see stops at the road to Santiago

road to Santiago

Culture, spirituality and disconnection. These three words could sum up the road to Santiago experience. However, it is very difficult to use only three words to describe what, for many, is one-in-a-lifetime trip. Now you can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime journey with an experienced incoming travel agency in Spain.

There are a lot of different routes and stops to be made while on the road to Santiago. But there are five must see stops that you really need to visit while traveling to Santiago de Compostela on foot. Take advantage of the pilgrim tours and discover these must-see spots on the road to Santiago.

1. Bridge of the Queen (Navarra)

We start with Puente de la Reina in Navarra. This is a medieval village named after a famous Romanesque bridge. It is a reference of the Camino de Santiago, both the town and the road.

It is always full of pilgrims and references to Compostela in all corners. A place in which to begin to feel intensely the experience of the road to Santiago from the first stages.

2. The Ghost Town of Foncebadón

Closer to Galicia we can find the ghost town of Foncebadón. This town began to be abandoned in the 60’s. It has resurged from twenty years to this part thanks to the rise of the Camino de Santiago. There was a time when the town came to have only two inhabitants.  Most of its buildings were deteriorated and even destroyed. Many of them are now being restored and refurbished to become restaurants, cafes and pilgrim hostels thanks to the road to Santiago.

3. The Monastery of Samos

Very close to Santiago de Compostela itself we can find The Monastery of Samos. Founded by the Benedictine monks in the sixth century, today it has a guest house. The monastery is surrounded by a river famous for its trout, which can be tasted in some of the best restaurants in the area.

4. Apostle Santiago’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santiago is the last stop of the road to Santiago for many. The Obradoiro square is the perfect place to live the most exciting moments of the road. These moments correspond to when the pilgrims finally reach the Apostle Santiago at the end of the road.

The Cathedral and its towers always stand majestically in front of us, not only by the side of the Obradoiro, which is the best known, but also in La Quintana or in “Platerías”. It is as interesting to visit it from the inside, as to make a tour around it. Get to know from outside all the Cathedral’s doors and the squares that surround it, since each one of them has its own charm. Failing to see some may be the perfect excuse to re-enjoy the experience of the road to Santiago another year.

5. Beyond the road to Santiago: Cape Finisterre

The Romans thought that this was the most western point of the earth and, therefore, the world finished here. It was the «finis terrae”. Why would anyone want to go to the end of the world? Perhaps because Cape Finisterre hides the true secret of “Costa da Morte”: wild landscapes and breathtaking beaches.

Some of them have calm waters and others have strong waves, like the Sea of Fora, one of the wildest beaches in Galicia. But the greatest attraction of them all is to contemplate the sunset over the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, the sea of the end of the world.

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