With three different cultures living next to each other for years (Christians, Arabs, & Jews), Toledo established itself as a city full of history, monuments and legacy. Strolling around the city therefore is already like visiting an open-air museum, with mosques, synagogues, churches and palaces right next to each other – no wonder it was declared a World Heritage Site. Additionally, there is the famous Alcazar of Toledo, a very old stone fortification, which cannot be missed when in Toledo, due to its location right in the middle of the city on its highest point.

Region: Castilla la Mancha

Don Quixote, the famous literary adventurer calls this region his home in the novel ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha’. Who read the book has a picture of this beautiful area in the Spanish inland in mind. There are four Archaeological Parks with some of the oldest rock paintings ever found in Spain. For nature lovers the area has a lot to explore and discover, with many natural reserves and parks. The area has a rural touch and relatively little population, being the perfect location for a getaway of the surrounding areas such as Madrid, Valencia, or Murcia.