Transfers & sightseeing in Lisbon with Iberinbound DMC

Let’s be real for a second; we know that some of our best travel experiences didn’t actually take place in our final destination, but in the very same journey to get there. Sometimes, just wandering around the small places we pass by or a quick view of our surroundings while we’re jumping on a train or a plane can be just about enough to capture the perfect moment and take our breaths away. If you feel like visiting a place in Europe that you’ve never seen before, like Portugal, Iberinbound DMC is the perfect incoming travel agency that can make the best holidays of your life possible.

Pedro IV Square

Walking for a few minutes through Lisbon downtown, you will start noticing many wonderful, artisanal and tiny places that await for your discovery. Lots of Lisbon squares have their own unique charm, but this one, also known as Rossio, it’s definitely the most enchanting one. Tourists and locals gather around to grab a cup of coffee or listen to some of the street artists that will probably be doing some jam sessions around the corner. The bronze statue that arises from the fountain was built around the 1800’s and belongs, of course, to Pedro IV, a former King of Portugal.

What about some beach time?

 Your days of sad, cloudy and foggy weather back in your country are over! Iberinbound incoming travel agency is about to take you on a beach trip you will hardly forget. Cascais is a magical place where local food and company is top-notch and where sand is so soft that walking on it will feel more like a massage. Even though this zone is currently one of Portugal’s most attractive and visited places, it is still quite private and peaceful for the lonely tourist inside of you, or for the romantic lovebirds that you and your significant one are.