What to visit in southern Spain

Southern Spain

In Southern Spain, Andalusia is a community that has a diversity of unique places that are worth knowing and visiting if you are vacationing for the place. Having one of the highest temperatures in Europe, this is condensed into a variety of lively cities with beautiful cultures and colorful festivals with their beautiful flamenco festivals full of color.

Beautiful places to meet in Southern Spain

  • Marbella: A small and beautiful fishing village that enjoys an incredible coastline, you can tour this picturesque city while enjoying its incredible resorts on the shore of Costa Sol beach. Through Iberinbound you can make your reservations to enjoy the place that best suits your needs. The sunsets and sunrises in Marbella are of great beauty, an attraction worth knowing about Southern Spain.
  • The Ruins of Ronda, located in El Tajo Gorge, is one of the oldest cities in Spain, with a foundation date of around 1400. One of the most striking features of this city is the incredible Puente Nuevo which it rises on a deep crack acquiring a very imposing sight.
  • One of the most beautiful attractions of Southern Spain is the city of Granada, known for being a city rich in history with very friendly people. In the center of the city is the imposing Alhambra, an ancient castle that was once a holiday retreat and strategic for royalty; nowadays it is an incredible palace to visit, also known as the red citadel, where many currents converge of architecture and many religions in one place.

You can book through Iberinbound incoming travel agency the route that most attracts your attention as there are tours during the day and during the night with shows of lights that give a different shine to the cultural and tourist attractions that stay waiting for you in Southern Spain.