What to do in Ibiza that is not partying

what to do in Ibiza, what to do in Ibiza that is not partying

Looking for something to do in Ibiza might be frustrating if you are not a party person. But Ibiza provides loads of fun without having to go out late or to listen to loud music.

Fiesta of Food

What to do in Ibiza can also be interpreted as what to eat on the island. Many visitors that arrive in Spain are frequently enthralled by the choices of fresh, flavoursome and usually, eco-friendly food that lands on their table. Ibiza is no different. Take a beach-side terrace and lounge in the sun, enjoying seafood that has been caught that day, washed down with a local white wine, crisp in the glass. Use this time to savor the meal, as well as people-watch, heading to parties, cocktail bars and beaches. Try shellfish, garnished with lemon juice and salt, as the sun goes down over crystal clear seas. You can also try delicious goat cheese, locally produced on the island, served with fruit compote and bread that crumbles on your tongue. Steering clear of English pubs and restaurants, you will not be disappointed with the seasonality and freshness of food on the island.

Dark Sands

Take some time to hit the beach, without being swamped by party-goers and loud music. If it´s possible, rent a car or scooter and travel out to Cala Boix, where tiny caves dot the water´s edge and the only music you will hear is the sound of waves crashing against the shore. The sand is dark, which adds a beautiful contrast to the water and the sky, and will remind you of a more ancient time on the island. Travelling inland, you can find more interesting stuff that increases the what to do in Ibiza list. for example, tiny villages and towns that have been thrown off the beaten track, with breathtaking views, markets and lemon groves where you can eat with the night sky as your backdrop. Veer west from San Carles and take in the countryside, heading towards San Miquel and Benirras. Desert combines with forest and hills, dropping away to reveal white houses and market squares bustling with life.

Cultural delights

You might not have thought of this while looking for what to do in Ibiza, but many of the museums and galleries on the island rival even some of the main European cities. The hotspots of Dalt Vila and Sa Caleta respectively offer contemporary art galleries, ethnography where you can be transported back to pre-party Ibizan life, archaeology which relates many of the Christian, Roman and Moorish influences you can see around the island and then finish by visiting El Moli Gallery, where you can see painting, sculpture, and photography by international artists, all of whom have a connection to Ibiza in some way. If history appeals to you more, visit the Necropolis in Ibiza Town, strolling among ruins that tell a story of a long-ago past. The Museum of Eivissa will also help you understand the history of this small but impressive island.

Head Out

If you are desperate to find something really different on the lists of what to do in Ibiza,  take a trip to Es Vedrá. This is a small, rocky island just south of the mainland and is a national nature reserve. It is uninhabited by people but has inspired film-makers, musicians, and photographers. You can book a snorkeling trip, or simply lay back and sunbathe in this magical island, which some believe to be the tip of the lost city of Atlantis and home to the sirens that attempted to lure Odysseus away from his voyage home. The island is also believed to be the birthplace of the goddess Tanit and is alleged to be the third most magnetic spot on Earth. So, what to do in Ibiza includes visiting a goddess home.