A wine tour of Penedés: surprise your senses

wine tour of Pened

The Penedés region of Catalonia is famed for it´s cava. Amid rolling countryside and mountainous beauty, there are many flavoursome wines to be tasted. Join us on a wine tour of Penedés and discover for yourself.

A wine tour of Penedés bodegas

Spain is a region well known for it´s wines. From the luscious red wines of La Rioja, to the cava regions of Catalonia, there is something for everyone. First of all, getting to Penedés could not be easier. The region is only forty minutes from Barcelona by train. However, the area is vast and encompasses many town. To begin your wine tour of Penedés, it is recommended to begin in Sant Sadurni d´Anola. You can also decide to begin in Vilafranca del Penedés. These two towns have the highest concentration of wineries. Therefore, they are the perfect place to begin your wine tour of Penedés. Indeed, both towns have wine museums and speciality cava bars.

Upon arriving at either of these two places, you will be greeted with a view of the mountains. The Garrif Massif mountain range are best seen from Vilafranca. However, throughout this region, you can stop to admire the marvellous countryside.

Many of the wineries offer tours of their estate. Some have museums attached and now it is more common to find wineries which also offer food. If this is not the case, the nearby towns have an abundance of restaurants. An essential on any wine tour of Penedés.

The wine tour will usually offer an explanation of the fermentation process. You can see cultivation methods and after, how wine is produced. For any wine tour in Penedés region, knowing how the wine is made helps you to enjoy it more. The care and expertise of Spanish wine production is second to none. You will have a chance to see the wine cellars, stocked to the brim with barrels of aging wine.

Tasting wine on a wine tour in Penedés

Of course, no visit is totally complete without tasting the produce. Your guide should explain the variety of each wine. Having seen the process firsthand and then tasting the product, your experience is complete.

Many bodegas are situated among beautiful architecture. The buildings can be extremely modern, and many offer hotel facilities. Tourism to the area has really caught on recently. So, you can be sure that your wine tour in Penedés is as relaxed as possible. A recommendation is the Codorniu bodega, which is the oldest family business in Spain. The underground fermentation rooms are spectacular, as well as hosting immaculate gardens.

Indeed, many bodegas encompass such a large area that it is possible to take tour by train or jeep. Some even rent bicycles for customers to use. A fantastic way to work up an appetite before trying some of the wine.

Bodegas will on occasion offer children´s tours. A wine tour of Penedés does not have to be a largely adult activity, but it does not have to be this way. Freixenet offer a children´s tour with a miniature train and entertaining guides.

If a smaller, family-run bodega is your style, there are plenty to choose from. Many wineries in this region are found everywhere. The tours can be smaller, more comprehensive and there may be the possibility of a cava-making workshop. You may be able to participate in the bottling process yourself, taking home your own cava.

After all this wine-tasting, it is highly recommended that you take a stroll through the town of Vilafranca. The streets are cobbled and picturesque.

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