4 best theme parks to visit with your family in Catalonia

family in Catalonia

Catalonia is a region that has plenty to offer a family on holiday. There is a lot more to the region than the city of Barcelona! Here, we have selected some of the best theme parks for your family in Catalonia.

Port Aventura

This theme park is one of the most famous in Spain. It is also the highlight of a holiday with your family in Catalonia. The park is truly enormous and is one of the most visited in all of Europe. It actually has both a theme park and a water park. The theme park itself is divided into areas, such as Mexico and China, with rides relating to the area! It also has a special division, dedicated solely to children. So if you have a young family in Catalonia, it is the perfect place to start.

The park has roller coasters, including the Hurukan Condor, which is the tallest in the world. The Dragon Khan is also a world-record holder, with the tallest loop in the world. If that isn’t enough for your family in Catalonia, there is also the Shambala. This is the fastest, tallest and has the longest descent of any roller coaster in the world.

Tibidabo Park

This theme park is right in the heart of Barcelona, on top of Tibidabo Hill. This park is perfect for a visit with your family in Catalonia. It is mostly geared towards children, in fact. The park has an added quality, which is that you can see all over Barcelona. Many of the rides are family-friendly, with a big-wheel, bumper cars, a small roller-coaster and a museum. It is not quite as thrilling as Port Aventura, but is fun for all the family nonetheless. It is the ideal place to spend a day with your family in Catalonia, after visiting the city of Barcelona.

Portaventura Water Park

The sister of the theme park is the Costa Caribe water park. This is the perfect summer trip for your family in Catalonia. It has an amazing variety of water slides. There is a man-made river, which is perfect for lazing and sunbathing. It also has a more gentle swimming pool, which is perfect for very young children. However, if you prefer something more exciting, the park has enormous variety in water slides. There is a vertical slide, a white-water rapid and several flumes which you can race down together. The water park is as equally large and dynamic as it´s big sister. A perfect place to enjoy together, with the whole family in Catalonia.

Illa Fantasia

This is Catalonia´s other famous water park. The park has over seven swimming pools and eighteen rides. These include a spiralized slide, water tobogganing, and a ride named The Torpedo. It also has plenty of space to relax, a must-do with any family in Catalonia, on holiday. There are shops and restaurants, so it is entirely possible to make a full day trip to the park without getting bored. There is enough for the whole family to do, from babies to teenagers, and no risk of getting bored. Even for tired parents, there are plenty of sunbathing and relaxation areas where you can keep an eye on the kids.

Theme parks and family in Catalonia

There are many attractions to see and do with your family in Catalonia, and this is just a small selection. From seeing dolphins at Marine World to racing down water slides at Aqua Land, there are many theme parks to take your family to. For more information on holidays to the Catalonia region, please contact Iberinbound for details.