4 unique places in Andalusia to test your palate

places in Andalusia

Andalusia is famous for sun, sand and unspoilt beaches. However, it has a growing foodie scene. So join us on a tour of the four best places in Andalusia to enjoy some great food.


Marbella is well-known for being a tourist hotspot. In fact, it is one of the most popular places in Andalusia to visit for a sun-soaked holiday. There are many places to eat by the beach, or by wandering into the old-town. This all depends on your tastes. If you fancy something glitzy and modern, stay by the beach-front. For something more rustic and traditional, venture into the town. Marbella is one of the best places in Andalusia to try seafood. The area prides itself on it´s freshly caught fish. A perfect place to try this is in the open air, with the waves providing a perfect soundtrack. Try the salmon, or if your budget permits, lobster. Many restaurants have become more innovative with their cooking style. This means that you will be confronted with an array of sauces, accompaniments and flavors. All of which enchance the taste of the food itself.


Jerez is known as the birthplace of sherry. However, it is also one of the lesser-known places in Andalusia that has excellent food. You can participate in many sherry tours, Tio Pepe being the most famous and traditional distillery. If all that alcohol proves to be too much, enjoy some of the area´s food, often overlooked as one of the must-see places in Andalusia. In fact, Jerez has a ´golden mile of gastronomy´ where you can try traditional Spanish food. This can be seafood, tender beef and not to forget, the famous Pedro Ximenez vinegars. The meals are mostly tapas-sized, which means that you can try a little of everything.


Malaga is one of the most famous places in Andalusia. Again, it is known as a holiday destination but you can also find some great gastronomy. The style is uniquely Spanish, offering a selection of delicious cured meats, such as the famous jamón. Malaga is also one of the best places in Andalusia to try gazpacho, the chilled tomato soup so ideal for hot, summer days. Malaga also has truly excellent seafood. A recommendation is to try the fried fish dishes on the seafront. The specialities are boquerones, small fried whitebait or cod pieces, served with lemon juice. Whilst Malaga is a tourist destination, that does not mean food has to be pricy. In fact, Malaga is one of the places in Andalusia with the largest variety of cuisines, for all budgets.


As well as being one of the most beautiful places in Andalusia, Ronda is quickly becoming famous for it´s foodie scene. Here it is recommended that you try as much local produce as possible. Eating rabo de toro, or bull´s tail, overlooking the bullring is a fine example of atmospheric dining. Ronda is one of the places in Andalusia that has built itself on bullfighting, so it is impossible to escape tradition. There are also several traditional tapas establishments, all using locally-grown meats, fruits and vegetables. Ronda is one of the places in Andalusia that has a famous gorge. Many restaurants overlook this valley and it is truly a magnificent place to enjoy dinner.

Places in Andalusia to enjoy great food

These four are just a few examples of great dining in Andalusia. Huelva, Cádiz, Sevilla and Granada are also well-known for their foodie scene. It would be impossible to visit Andalusia and not enjoy great food, in fact! For more information on holidays to the south of Spain, please visit Iberinbound for details.