An unforgettable student trip in Palma de Mallorca

An unforgettable student trip in Palma de Mallorca, student trip in Palma de Mallorca

An unforgettable student trip in Palma de Mallorca needs to include both adventure, culture, safety and very good organization. The best way to get all that is trusting a travel agency specialized in student groups. Because they are young, wild and want to taste everything in no time.

Palma de Mallorca, the city

As the best and quickest way to start an unforgettable student trip in Palma de Mallorca is getting there by plane, the first contact the students will make with the island will be its capital city: Palma. There are many attractions to be enjoyed by a group of youngsters. Even on the mainland, the sea is a key feature and the Aquarium provides a wide variety of ways to help increase respect and love for the sea life and the beaches that the student groups long to visit. It holds the biggest coral reserve in Europe and it is worldwide known by it.

An unforgettable student trip in Mallorca needs good beaches

The Playa de Palma is connected with the city center by public transport, but a specialized travel agency can arrange private coaches for group transfers. This beach is 5 km long (just over 3 miles) and offers all kind of water sports to its users. From beach volley to snorkeling, going through hiring pedal boats. Sunbathing, strolling and having fun is guaranteed during the day. By night, the area turns into a big disco. There are premises specialized for underaged groups that offer the same music and atmosphere with no alcohol. The adult discos, pubs, and lounge bars have guests DJs, live music and good cocktails from dusk till dawn.

Sail the sea during your student trip in Palma de Mallorca

Student groups enjoy new places and meeting new people, but a completely private boat tour is also very well received. It usually works very well as an unforeseen surprise to get all the students in a boat and sail with them to a quiet cove or small bay where they can dive from the gunwale, swim to the beach and spend the day dancing to their own DJs music. An incoming travel agency specialized in educational tours can organize a good catering and make sure that all the safety requirements are dealt with.

Adventure and aquatic parks

Palma de Mallorca is devoted to its visitors and has developed a wide range of parks and interesting places to get in touch with nature or just to have real fun. Jungle Park surprises the visitors with a proper physical adventure. With suspended rope bridges, zip lines and different itineraries depending on the visitor, fun is guaranteed. For those who are not too keen on sports, the Rancho Grande Mallorca proposes a whole day of activity or just an afternoon inspired in the far West, where horses are the protagonists. La Reserva is one of those places that will make a student trip to Palma de Mallorca truly unforgettable. Nature displays all its beauty and there are also lakes and waterfalls where the group can swim and relax.

Culture is also part of the game

An unforgettable student trip in Palma de Mallorca can´t finish without a visit to the main historical places of the city. The Cathedral is a great example of religious architecture and the Castillo de Bellver takes the visitor back to the middle ages. But buildings and museums are not the only way to know a place. Typical shows, traditional restaurants and arts and crafts markets can be found along the whole island. And the Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves) offer one of the best light and music show in a natural cave, with a whole choir singing in an underground lake.