Know Andorra beyond the snow

andorra beyond the snow

Andorra has been a hive for skiing for many years, with both local and foreign tourists flooding into the area to enjoy the slopes. However, there is an Andorra beyond the snow which we are going to show you!

Visit Andorra La Vella

This is the capital of Andorra, one of Europe’s smallest nations. The capital itself is often overlooked, and for many it is only known for it’s airport. However, the quaint streets of the city are reminiscent of medieval chocolate box villages. There are plenty of shops here, which are often flooded with people making duty-free purchases before heading back home. You might be able to pick up a designer bargain or something alcoholic as a present. The Government Exhibition Hall is the country’s parliamentary seat and is worth seeing to know an Andorra beyond the snow. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants, which range from budget to exclusive and they are often packed with people looking for a short getaway. The town itself is quite romantic, so it might be worth considering a visit in time for a special occasion.

There are also plenty of options to try the food. Andorra’s mountainous landscapes means that the cuisine is quite unique, often mixing both French and Spanish styles. Normally, you can find plenty of restaurants that specialise in meat, served with roasted vegetables. Just what you need after spending a day walking around the city!

Visit Encamp to see Andorra beyond the snow

Encamp is famous for it’s proximity to the ski slopes. However, there is plenty more to see and do in Encamp. It is similar to the capital in that the town centre is extremely picturesque, flanked by the river that runs through the town. Cafes and restaurants are abundant and there is no shortage of places to rest your feet whilst people watching. The architecture is also quite unique, as it appears that the town has stepped back in time. There are several hiking routes which begin here and head into the mountains. This is perfect to see the views, breathe in the mountain air and get some exercise without skiing. To get to know an Andorra beyond the snow, you cannot go wrong with spending some time in the country’s beatiful little towns.

Caldea Thermal Spa

This is the largest spa in Europe and one of the most famous. You can be spoilt for choice here, as there are not only indoor and outdoor facilities but a variety of relaxation techniques on offer. You can choose from saunas and jacuzzis to an Aztec pool, Roman baths, waterfalls and a grapefruit pool. The spa itself is set into the Pyrenees and has a beautiful view over the mountains and gorges. If a weekend of relaxation is in order then Caldea is your destination.

Sant Joan de Castelles

This is a tiny church, located in Canillo, on the way to France. It is the perfect example of Romanesque architecture of Andorra and proves that the country has as much history as it’s neighbours. Proving there is an Andorra beyond the snow, this church has a French-style bell tower and a wooden ceiling. The location of the church itself is magnificent and you can easily imagine the religious life of villagers many years ago. If seeing this church has piqued your interest, you can also visit Santa Coloma. This is a 12th century church, decorated with paintings from the era and has a spectacular Baroque altarpiece. Sant Martí de la Cortinada is also worth a visit for the frescoes alone.


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