How is the cultural tourism in Barcelona?

The cultural tourism of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia is one of the routes with more historical wealth because it is a cosmopolitan city that integrates remains of large stages of civilization in one place, such as the medieval neighborhoods, the remains of the Romans And beautiful examples of the different epochs of architecture such as modernism and the avant-gardism of the twentieth century.

UNESCO has recognized Barcelona’s cultural tourism as a world heritage, especially the emblematic buildings of Gaudí and Lluís Doménech. In addition to possessing the large number of exhibitions and shows available in its cultural agenda ideal to make cultural tourism of Barcelona a complete experience.

Cultural tourism: A piece of art in every corner

The variety of architectural styles transform a quiet journey through the streets in a pleasure of cultural tourism, on the part of Iberinbound, an incoming travel agency specialized in Spain and Portugal, can know in depth all the different cultural sectors that co-exist where you can appreciate certain trends that people keep alive in today’s life, as it happens with the gothic quarter, characterized by its narrow streets and Gothic religious constructions erected since the XIII Century.

Just next to the Gothic quarter we got the Ribera neighborhood, where some of the most important museums in Catalonia are located. From Iberinbound incoming travel agency you can get the best tours to make an incredible cultural tourism through all these culturally rich museums of renown, such as the Picasso Museum, Textile Museum and clothing, among others of the same category.

Of course we must not forget large structures such as the façade of the birth and the crypt of the basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Vincens house, La Casa Mila; all Gaudi creations which have been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.