Events in Spain for December 2016

Everyone usually dreams of a traditional white Christmas when December is just around the corner, right? Staying home for the holidays might sound like a safe bet, but if you’re into exploring the world around you and having amazing experiences abroad, you must definitely consider Spain as one of your destinations for this season. And what better option that to travel with true experts in the region like Iberinbound? They, as an incoming travel agency around Spain, Portugal and Andorra, will make your holiday trip one of the best experience of your life.

Feel the warmth next to the hoguera

Part of this country’s beautiful Christmas traditions are the bonfires (hogueras in spanish) in the middle of the streets for people to gather around, especially on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. In Madrid, when the clock ticks 12 o’clock, every single soul goes out to Plaza del Sol, where they join their loved ones and the rest of the city in a big, warm, joyous hug while having a tall glass of beer. Definitely, an experience that you can’t miss and where only Iberinbound incoming travel agency can take you.

Looking for a better weather? We got you!

Many tourists, especially those who come from very cold countries, tend to avoid visiting locations with the same weather they have in home, and if you’re really looking forward to enjoy some nice, templated days without being completely freezed from head to toes, Spain has exactly what you need, and along with your predilect travel agency Iberinbound DMC, you better start packing a towel and some flip-flops, because those Canarian beaches are waiting for you!

The Canary Islands are the kind of special paradise awaiting for you, where you have 365 days of sun and minimal rain, perfect for a beach trip or taking a hike through the hills of this wonderful location.