Educational tours in Spain: live the experience

If you are a student and you want to learn about Spain and Portugal history and culture, you can find many tours operators, which can bring you complete schedule activities in the most principal cities.

Iberinbound is a leading incoming travel agency for Student and Educational Tours with years of experience in the touristic business in Spain and Portugal for people of any age. From high school to university groups, Iberinbound keep on their services a variety of amazing ideas and leisure events, all of them, with the presence of qualified guides; you only have to require a budget that adapt to your school needs and those of your student group and set the more favorable date. You can take advantage of the celebrations and popular festivities events for know a be part of Spanish and Portuguese roots, for example: you can go to the “Tomatina”, that is performed the last Wednesday of august of every year in the hearth of Valencia, one of the most touristic cities in Spain.

Iberinbound also plans the meals and stay of student groups, as an experienced inbound tour operator in Spain and Portugal, has everything you need for enjoy new destination and live a unique experience, either for educational purposes or business tasks. Iberinbound guarantees you a transport 24 hours for the most touristic attractive in these cities, including visits to museums and galleries, architecture jewels, beautiful beaches and Snow Mountains. With the help of Iberinbound, you can delight with a wine and gastronomy tour, a traditional sport event (as a classic soccer match) and also join to flamenco shows in the nature of Seville. For more information about activities in Spain for students, read: One week in Spain: ¿What to do if you are a student?