5 events in Madrid that you cannot miss

events in Madrid

Madrid is a city that we have already come to recognise as being famous for it’s tapas, nightlife, museums and architecture. Yet the city has plenty more to offer. Year round, Madrid celebrates a variety of different events which are unmissable. Here is a list of the top five events in Madrid that you cannot miss.

San Isidro, the local events in Madrid

San Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid and he is celebrated during the week of twelfth to fifteenth of May. Parties and events take place all over Madrid but many of the main festivites are in the south of the city. The festivities kick off in Plaza de la Villa with a parade, and many people gather in La Pradera de San Isidro to have a drink. People often dress up in the typical costume associated with San Isidro, el chulapo. You can also eat rosquillas del Santo, which are typical pastries associated with San Isidro. This is one of the more unmissable events in Madrid, purely for the atmosphere.

El Rastro Market

This occurs every Sunday in the La Latina area of Madrid and is one of the best events in Madrid. El Rastro is an enormous open-air market which sells everything from second hand clothes to musical instruments to bric-a-brac. It is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, who often make a day of it. The typical thing to do is stop for a beer and some tapas whilst you are shopping, making this an incredibly social event. There are often street performers and musicians on every corner, so El Rastro is one of the liveliest events in Madrid. You can pick up many different types of souvenirs here from football memorabilia to personalised bullfighting posters. You may also find something a little more interesting like old coins, historical artefacts and antiques.

Auschwitz, one of the most moving events in Madrid

Currently and until June of 2018, the Fundación de Canal is showing an exhibition of hundreds of artefacts related to Auschwitz. Many of these are personal objects related to the most horrific of tragedies. The exposition itself was created with the help of the Auschwitz Museum in Krakow, which has donated objects for display. There has also been a collaboration between more than twenty institutions who have worked together to put forward one of the most thought provoking events in Madrid. On display are the uniforms given to prisoners upon arrival, personal objects such as shoes, glasses and suitcases, all of which have been gently restored over the years.


This is an annual event that combines the best of national and international food. The festival encompasses many different tasting sessions, including tapas. There are also cocktail making workshops, tasting menus and presentations about gastronomy. This is one of the events in Madrid that you cannot miss, as it takes place in bars and restaurants all over the city. The festival also encompasses the theatre, museums and shops. So if you fancy a wine tasting session or a talk about Spanish cheeses, Gastrofestival should be right up your street!

Semana Santa in Madrid

Semana Santa is one of the best events in Madrid to take part in. The city comes alive with beautiful processions. These feature devotees who carry heavy religious structures, musicians and pilgrims who want to demonstrate their faith. These should not be missed out on as they are truly spectacular. The most popular procession is that of Nuestro Padre Jesus del Gran Poder y Maria Santísima de la Esperanza. There are also several others which take place on Easter Friday all over the city.

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