A foodie tour of Seville you can’t miss

A foodie tour of Seville

Seville is a city known for it´s summer festivals, sunshine and uniquely Spanish style. In the sun-baked plazas and cobbled streets, you can find a wealth of gastronomic delights that will cater to every gourmand´s taste. From typical Spanish fare to something more exotic, join us on a foodie tour of Seville.

Atmospheric foodie tour of Seville

Let´s begin with tapas. There are many restaurants that often appear on lists of top places to dine in Seville. Many of these can be a treat for the eyes too. Seville is home to a number of art-restaurants. These have dining rooms with different artworks, often designed by local artists. You can also book rooms privately for groups. You can choose from a selection of tapas and other typical dishes. These include delicately roasted meats and fishes. These are accompanied with  local vegetables and cheeses.

The key focus in many tapas bars in Seville is organic and seasonal produce. Many of these restaurants also retain a distinctly Sevillian flair. There are many  buildings that date from the 16th century in the city centre. Most of these are designed in the traditional Andalucian style. Foodwise, they serve tapas as well as traditional Andalucian dishes. Many also rely on recipes passed down through generations.

There are also many tapas bars which are slightly more modern. They have largely become famous for reinventing tapas. Complementing this, they often have a fabulous selection of wines. The key for many of these bars has been a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Many modern and older tapas bars source their produce locally. Indeed, in Seville you can be sure you are sampling the best. Certain tapas bars even have their own garden. So, the distance from ground to plate is minimal!  For this reason, modern tapas bars have become a hangout popular with people on a foodie tour in Seville.

Something different for a foodie tour in Seville

If you are interested in expanding your tastebuds even further, then there are some restaurants you cannot miss off your foodie tour in Seville.

You can enjoy a flamenco performance whilst you eat. You can choose the performance, whilst sampling a typical dish. This is a great option for culture as well as food lovers. This region is famous for it´s Sevillana dance. So, for a tourist this is one of the best options in Seville to try both food and dance!

If Spanish bullfighting piques your interest, then Seville has that covered too. Some restaurants are covered in bullfighting posters. If you so wish, you can also watch a bullfight before. Many restaurants use meat products, such as rabo del toro, directly from the bull. Again, many of the older buildings date from a more ancient time, adding to the atmosphere. Lounging back here, you can really feel in the heart of Spanish culture. Sampling this culture is inherent to any foodie tour in Spain.

If being a true food-lover, you are more interested in local trends, check out some of the city´s pop-up restaurants. Many have begun as pop-ups and now have permanent places. Here you can really become involved in the idea of ´slow food´. Any foodie tour will understand that you take your time to enjoy each bite, with no rush.

If you want to eat on the go, make sure you check out street markets in the city. Seville has a wonderful street market every Thursday. This is a fantastic way to see how locals eat.  Sometimes, the best restaurants in Seville can be found right in front of you.


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