Visit Segovia: a pleasure for your palate and a treat for your eyes

visit Segovia

Segovia is a truly picturesque town, located in the heart of Castilla y León. Visit Segovia, renowned for it´s beauty and for it´s food. It blends the traditions of Spain seamlessly, yet retains a character all of it´s own.

Visit Segovia and awaken your tastebuds

Eating out in Segovia is not for those on a diet. In almost every restaurant, you can find hearty Castilian dishes. These range from bitesize tapas to table-groaning raciones, guaranteed to leave your stomach full. When you visit Segovia, make it a priority to try a little of all.

The city is most well-known for it´s cochinillo. This is a delicately roasted suckling pig, served whole. Legend has it that the meat should be so tender that it can be carved with a dinner plate. The skin is so deliciously crispy that it could be eaten alone. The pig is normally served alone, without accompaniments. However, it is possible to order a menu de degustación which will serve smaller portions and side dishes. There are several restaurants which claim to serve the best cochinillo in Segovia. Trying this dish at least once is a must whenever you visit Segovia.

Just a few kilometres from Segovia is the quaint village of La Granja. Here, they produce large, white beans which are served as part of a stew. They go particularly well with chorizo and other pork products.

To finish this all off, it would be a crime not to try ponche Segoviana when you visit Segovia. This dessert is cream-based, with a fluffy sponge and finished with marzipan.

After all this rich food, it will be necessary to aid your digestion with a walk around the sights. Let us show you the most breathtaking views when you visit Segovia.

Visit Segovia and marvel at it´s beauty

Aside from it´s food, Segovia is famous for it´s Disney-esque castle. Any visit Segovia is incomplete without taking a tour of the Alcázar. This castle is a testament to Castilian history, and indeed the history of Spain. Views of the surrounding area from the top are wondrous. It is highly recommended to take a walking tour, so as not to miss any of the finer details.

After this, on your way back into the city, make a stop at the Gothic cathedral. When you visit Segovia, this monument to Segovia´s cultural history is a necessity. The cathedral contains a wealth of stained glass windows and capillaries with some handsome artwork.

Next on our list is the quintessential icon of Segovia, the aqueduct. This Roman masterpiece can be seen from almost any part of the city centre. It has a commanding presence and serves as a constant reminder of Segovia´s past. There are many legends surrounding the aqueduct, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Climb the stairs to the side and you will reach  a great vantage point from which to take photos of the city.

For a deeper insight into Segovia´s cultural history, visit Antonio Machado´s house, close to the cathedral. Visit Segovia and you will see that the city has been home to a great literary tradition over the years. You can see where the writer wrote and lived, as well as meeting some of his muses.

Visit Segovia and you cannot miss the Jewish quarter, housing a museum and synagogue. The narrow streets provide a historic glimpse into Spain´s heritage. There are several excellent restaurants in this area, serving Sephardic cuisine. As you can see, visit Segovia and step back in time.
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