Gastronomic tourism in Spain | Much more than satisfying your appetite

Gastronomic tourism in Spain

 If your favourite hobbies are travelling and eating, you are just lucky. We propose you to combine both in a wonderful plan that includes gastronomic tourism in Spain and a visit to some of the most special corners of our country. Ready to start the trip?

unique gastronomy in the world

It is not strange that, in Spanish,  the words know and taste (saber and sabor) have the same etymological root. Gastronomic tourism in Spain is the best way to know and immerse oneself in the culture and tradition of a place. The geographical situation, the climate and a very long history full of cultural mixes, make Spain one of the richest, at least if we talk about food. The great variety and quality of fish, seafood, meats, agricultural products, wines or oils that we find make Spain a unique enclave for gastronomic tourism. This attracts more and more travellers from all over the world.

Gastronomic tourism in Spain: Discover the most special places through its gastronomy

You might be thinking about making a break.  If gastronomic tourism in Spain is your final choice, these are some of the places you can not miss.

Aranda de Duero – Burgos

Located in the province of Burgos, Aranda de Duero has a special charm. In addition to what can be seen, Aranda de Duero has a great hidden treasure. Underground there is a network of wineries with more than eight centuries of tradition. Aranda has become a key place for gastronomic tourism in Spain. You can not miss the black pudding from Aranda and roast suckling lamb, another of the delicacies of the Castilian cuisine.

Trujillo – Cáceres

Its oak and chestnut landscape, its privileged location for bird watching and its historic buildings, have made Trujillo one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Cheese is one of the products that attracts tourists interested in gastronomic tourism in Spain. With a long tradition of craftsmanship, in Trujillo you can taste cheeses as singular as the torta del Casar, the cheeses of Ibores or those of La Serena.

Additionally, in Trujillo you can taste excellent meats and sausages unique to the Extremaduran community. Traditional sweets are also famous worldwide. Stop by the San Pedro Convent and try the tiles and perrunillas (a type of biscuits) made by the nuns. A must in any gastronomic tour around Extremadura.

Jaca – Huesca

Jaca is a must-visit for gastronomic tourism in Spain. This key location of the Aragonese Pyrenees is home to one of the first Gothic-style cathedrals in the country. After enjoying its beauty, it is necessary to try the greatest delicacies of traditional Aragonese cuisine. Lamb, sausages and artisan cheeses conquer all adepts to gastronomic tourism. Nor should we forget the sweetest bites. Braids, hems and ties are some of Jaca’s most traditional creations. They have even been awarded several national confectionery prizes.

Bermeo – Vizcaya

If we talk about gastronomic tourism in Spain we can not forget the Basque Country. You can stop at the coast of Vizcaya to taste the authentic flavour of the Basque cuisine in Bermeo. The place is known for the greatest fishing tradition in the area. First, visit the beautiful old town of Bermeo and eat a good pintxo of bonito in the port. Then, it will be time to try their specialityty: the marmitako. This delicious stew made with bonito and potato so traditional in Basque cuisine, is one of the best you can taste.

These are just four of the many places you can visit in a gastronomical tour in Madrid. Visit Iberinbound too, and you will find many more interesting spots around this and other counties.