The Silver Way. A route from South to North. Spain

Since ancient times there has been a route drawn between mountains, valleys and plains, which connects the north and south of Spain, in whose lower basin of the Guadalquivir the first great western culture flourished, under the mythical monastery of Tartessos, at the end of the Age of Bronze. Due to the great mining wealth,

Cultural visit in Extremadura | Historical artistic heritage

Cultural visit in Extremadura

If you are planning a cultural visit in Extremadura, you might get a bit overwhelmed by its wide range of possibilities. The Historical and Artistic Heritage of Extremadura includes elements from the prehistoric era to the culture and art of the Roman Empire. From the Hispano-Visigothic legacy to the Muslim culture. From the Christian culture

Gastronomic tourism in Spain | Much more than satisfying your appetite

Gastronomic tourism in Spain

 If your favourite hobbies are travelling and eating, you are just lucky. We propose you to combine both in a wonderful plan that includes gastronomic tourism in Spain and a visit to some of the most special corners of our country. Ready to start the trip? A unique gastronomy in the world It is not strange

Extremadura Adventure Holidays

extremadura adventure

Extremadura is not as well-known as it´s counterpart, Andalucia. However, this region has a lot to offer by itself. If you are looking for an Extremadura adventure, here is our guide to the best activities to do. Extremadura adventure in parks The first port of call for any visitor to Extremadura is Monfrague National Park.