Food and wine group vacations in Malaga

Malaga is the perfect city to indulge in the finest of Spanish cuisine and Spanish wine. Here we have a guide to the the best food and wine group vacations in Malaga.

Gastronomic group vacations in Malaga

The first stop for any foodie group in Malaga is to take a look at Atarazanas market. This is the perfect pit stop for group vacations in Malaga. There are some great atmospheric bars inside the market, where you can stop for wine and tapas. The market is also a wonderful example of Malaga´s foodie culture. A recommendation for food is the grilled seafood skewer, showcasing Andalusia´s penchant for fresh fish. The market comes highly recommended for group vacations in Malaga, as there are plenty of places to stop, chat and drink.

Malaga itself is one of oldest wine producing regions in Spain. Muscat is the most famous, followed by Pedro Ximenez. After a devastating plague, the wineries of Malaga are beginning to recover and now fine wine can be enjoyed all over the region. For group vacations in Malaga, it is highly recommended to try a glass of Muscat in the market. You can choose either red or white and it goes particularly well with fresh seafood.

After this, no group vacations in Malaga should miss out on visiting the beach. The beaches of Malaga are famous for their beautiful views and equally memorable food. Stay in a beachfront bar and order espeto. These are skewers of sardines, cooked over coal pits. All they are prepared with is olive oil and salt. These are best enjoyed with a cold glass of Axarquía wine. This artesanal wine has put Malaga on the map recently and is well worth a try.

After spending your group vacations in Malaga either on the beach or in the city, make time to stop for coffee and churros. This quintessential Spanish snack can be found in many a terraced cafe and is a perfect way to wind down in an afternoon.

Group vacations around Malaga

If your group vacations in Malaga are lucky enough to have more than one day in the city, it is worth visiting one of the wine-producing regions. Close to Malaga is the mountain range, Los Montes de Malaga, and here you can visit some excellent vineyards. Taking the day out of the city can also be a well-deserved break for any group vacations in Malaga. In the mountains, you can visit the Pedro Ximenez and Muscat vineyards. Many of which will offer tastings and guided tours. In the wineries of the mountain range, they produce many varieties of sparkling wines. The most famous local wine, Pajarete, is also produced here. This wine is more like a sweet dessert wine and is one of the most popular in bars and restaurants around Malaga.

If on your group vacations in Malaga, you fancy tasting a wide variety of Spanish cuisine, visit El Almacen del Indiano. This enormous warehouse has a multitude of Spanish cured hams, cheeses and wines. Food and wine tours can also be booked here, but it is not necessary to organise this in advance. The staff are more than happy to give you free samples of the cheeses, hams and other cold cuts. This is a perfect place to while away a few hours whilst enjoying group vacations in Malaga.

Malaga is a city that is beginning to explode onto the foodie scene, as well as clinging to tradition. No holiday can be complete without bar-hopping around tapas bars, especially enjoyable for group vacations in Malaga.

If this has tickled your tastebuds and left you craving more information on group vacations in Malaga, please contact Iberinbound for details and advice on your city break.