Learn and watch flamenco in Spain with Iberinbound

Along of history, Spain has been the center of many culture influences by its proximity with Mediterranean Sea. From Islamic and Arabic culture; Spain is an accumulation of ancestral knowledge and folk music. However; the flamenco origins are more distant, the arrival of this art in Andalusia, came together the influx of the gipsy at the end of the fifteenth century in the south of Castilla.

The cultural miscegenation inside the flamenco is developed by the union of Gypsy, Arab, Christian and Jewish traditions and cultures. Nowadays flamenco is appreciated and practiced around the entire world and its crib we found it in the south of Spain.

The people travel to Spain to know and learn about this history connection, be part of watching the places where these events happen. For this reason, Spain is one of the most touristic countries in the world, and the most visited cities in Spain, are precisely founded in the southern Spain where the flamenco is still alive. Being part of Spain traditions, the flamenco constituted a touristic attractive for excellence, many people pay for be expectants of the most popular shows of flamenco (music and dance combine in their roots) while enjoying the best of Mediterranean food, “Paella”, “gazpacho” and wine of the Rioja in the same table; in a local restaurant in the town of Seville seems like a land of pleasure in all sense.

Iberinbound is an incoming travel agency specialized in groups dedicated for many years to sell and offer cultural tours in Spain and Portugal where the protagonist of these tours are mainly the essence of the flamenco music. Iberinbound offers you the experience to know and watch the wealth of Spain culture and live a unique touristic experience.