Study visits in Andalusia for schools

study visits in Andalusia

Andalusia is one of Spain’s largest regions and the most typically Spanish. This is the land of bullfighting, flamenco dancers and long days in the sun. However, there is also plenty to do on study visits in Andalusia. Let Iberinbound guide you to the best places for your trip.



Malaga has plenty to offer study visits in Andalusia. First of all, it was the birthplace of Picasso. Secondly, it has some fabulous historical wonders. One of the most famous is the Alcazabar. It holds a Roman theatre and a palace, as well as some interesting Moorish architecture. For an Andalusian history lesson, you cannot do better. From here, you can also visit the cathedral and the Museo Picasso Malaga. Here you can see a permanent exhibitions of the Malaga native’s works, as well as several temporary exhibitions.



Ronda is as naturally beautiful as can be expected in the south of Spain. It also has plenty of sights for study visits in Andalusia. Moorish ancestry is displayed in the old part of the city, La Ciudad. You can also cross the bridge, Puente Nuevo, to marvel at the gorge of El Tajo below.This bridge was originally a prison and has a bloody history thanks to the Spanish Civil War. So for a history lesson that cannot be learnt from books, take your students to see the site where modern-day Spain suffered and was rebuilt. For something traditional, it is worth visiting the Plaza de Toros. Ronda invented modern bullfighting and is especially important to the history of it’s development.



Seville is really a dream come true for any study visits in Andalusia. It is really the capital of Andalusia and comprises much of Spanish history. Seville’s connection to the Moors is also evident and the city remains a living historyl, architecture and culture lesson. It is highly recommended for study visits in Andalusia to visit the Catedral. It is visually spectacular and houses the famous monument to Christopher Columbus. It is the largest Gothic church in the world and was built over a mosque, paying testament to the city’s Moorish origins. To get a bird’s eye view over the city and it’s spectacular architecture, it is worth climbing the bell tower of La Giralda. You can also see the Islamic influence behind La Giralda, as it was formerly a minaret. The Alcázar is also important to see on a study visit in Andalusia. This was originally constructed during the Roman period and it traces the history of not only the region, but all of Spain.



Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and will complement any study visits in Andalusia. The Alhambra is of course a must see. It charts the history of Moorish occupation and the Islamic influence upon the city. There are several different zones but you would need an entire day to get the most of the experience. To begin with, there is the royal palace, the palace gardens and the Alcazaba. To teach your students the history of Spain and of Andalusia, there is no better place than the Alhambra.  It is also worth visiting The Albacaín. This is close to the old town and here you can see the Arabic baths and an archaeological museum. To finish, take your students to visit the old stomping ground of Federico García Lorca, one of Spain’s most famous poets. The Huerta de San Vicente and Casa Museo Federico García Lorca are excellent places to start.


Planning study visits in Andalusia

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