Study visits to Granada – Things to do during study visits in Granada

study visits to Granada

Granada is one of the preferred destinations for Schools when considering Spain for a student trip. As well as Toledo, Granada was home of Jewish, Muslim and Catholic people. In a world where sharing doesn’t seem to be a trend anymore, and where differences stand out more than similarities,  study visits to Granada could teach the students more than books. Besides, Granada will offer them an experience they will never forget.

Things to do during study visits to Granada

Sierra Nevada

Culture and story are the most important things to enjoy during study visits to Granada, but not the only ones. Sierra Nevada is a place of great natural wealth. Its breathtaking landscapes are  one of the best places to practice nature photography. Also, this is a very good place to get some physical exercise as you experience nature at its most.

On the other hand, Sierra Nevada keeps some protected species that deserve being seen. The best way to do so is by organising trekking routes that lead to the nicest and less visited places. You can even climb up to the snowy peaks ¡in the summer! the greatest contrast if you compare the snow in the sierra and the really hot sun by the sea. Altogether in just one study visit in Granada.

Know Sierra Nevada, with its natural and cultural wealth, enjoy its landscapes and discover its protected species, get excited with its fragility and with the great treasure it supposes for society. We can prepare trekking routes so that you know the most remote places, where you can see very unique animal and plant species and breathtaking landscapes. Climb the snowy peaks also in summer and discover forests of great ecological value.


This is the place where you will find white villages lying on the slopes of the mountains, ravines where the water tumbles down, splashing and filling their edges with life. Flowers and butterflies create a carpet of colour in ditches and ravines watered with the icy water that comes down from the snow. Colour, crafts, landscapes, traditions, history, heritage. A whole paradise to discover just some kilometres from Granada.

Tropical Coast

Here you can enjoy the sun with the snowy peaks in the background. Study visits to Granada have to include a visit to the beach. Not only so the students can relax, but for them to know how life used to be (and still is) at sea villages.  You have a wide range to choose from. Starting in Salobreña with its Arab castle or Motril with its sugar cane museum. 

The natural landscape of Cerro Gordo, will offer you the magical view of the mountains that go into the sea, with cosy coves where urbanization has not arrived. A tropical vegetation with fruit trees like avocado trees or guavas makes an always green landscape. Absolutely enjoyable.

Study visits to Granada, the city

The Alhambra is a must in all study visits to Granada. It is one of the most important monuments of both the city and the world. This imposing fortress surrounded by lush forests was declared a World Heritage Site in 1994. It is also known as «the red one». Your students will be able to see the reason why in the twilight when its walls take this colour.

The Alhambra is an authentic wonder. It is oldest Arab fortress in the world. Inside, you will enjoy a chronological journey remembering those kings who inhabited it throughout the ages. It is full of incredible and impressive spaces like the Muhammad V Palace, the Sala de los Mozárabes, the Mirador de Daraxa or the Generalife Gardens, which are wonderful.

The city of Granada is literally full of monuments and places for students to learn and enjoy. Contact us to organise the best study visits to Granada. We will make sure that you make the best of it.