Have a good time in Costa del Sol with these 5 entertainment activities

good time in Costa del Sol

You might have heard of Costa del Sol, its beaches and tapas. The climate here is so good it guarantees the sun addict the greatest time ever. But if you are interested in having a good time in Costa del Sol that involves some activities other than sunbathing and swimming, this is your article.

1.- Butterfly Park in Benalmádena

You can visit this little butterfly park either with or without children. You will enjoy the tropical ecosystem as much as them. Get ready to see more than 1500 different butterflies. Some of them as used to people that they might land on your hand, arm or head.  Take a camera with you and document the beauty of these small flying paintings. The park is small but very entertaining.

2- A good time in Costa del Sol by donkey taxi

The little white villages (Pueblos Blancos) on the Málaga mountains are really charming. Most of them keep their ancient structure. Even though they have tap water and electricity, you can enjoy a traditional picture of a well, a public washing place and, of course, the white houses with their red roofs. You can even hire a very peculiar taxi. A donkey can take you from one village to another. Don´t you worry about the animal´s wellbeing, as they are very well taken care of.

3.- Selwo Adventure Park a good time in Costa del Sol that will feel like a Safari

Just one hour away from Málaga you can experience a true African Safari. More than 2000 thousand species live together in this adventure park. A big Asian elephant born here can be seen, and you can also see real lions, giraffes and so on. The best thing about the park is that all the animals live in their natural habitats. This is a conservation park and you will be able to learn a lot from the carers, who will give small lectures and answer all your question about the circle of life.

4.- Castle of Malaga

Having a good time in Costa del Sol is not all about doing exotic things. You can have a relaxing day for a change. In order to achieve so, grab your most comfortable shoes and get ready to walk. You will have to climb quite a high hill to get to the castle. Be careful in the summer, as the sun might be dangerous. Carry a bottle of water with you. Once you are at the top, order a cold beer in the chiringuito and enjoy the views. The interpretation centre holds a very interesting exhibition on how Malaga was founded and how it became the city you can visit today. Also, the interior is very cool and will give you some rest from the heat outside.

5.- Aquamijas

Yes, you can also have a good time in Coste del Sol splashing around a traditional aquapark. Enjoy the slides, the wave pools and keep your children so busy and excited that they will sleep at night. Then, when the time comes, you will be able to go out for an adult dinner and maybe a drink. Or you might have had so much fun yourself that you will be ready to sleep.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to spend your days. There is so much to do in Costa del Sol that you can come back every year and yet fond some new experience to enjoy.

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