Thermal Spa’s culture in Spain

Thermal Spa’s culture in Spain. Spa’s in Spain are sanitary centers, bathroom galleries and springs that have been scenarios of a way of understanding life, where people deposited their hopes of healing. Its beginnings date back to ancient Greece and Rome, where the hot springs began to be used for citizens’ use. Already then differentiated

Sierra Nevada. The Ceiling of Spain

Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the region of Andalucia, close to Granada in Spain. It contains the highest point of continental Spain and the third highest in Europe (after the Caucasus Mountains and the Alps): Mulhacén, at 3,479 meters (11,414 ft) above sea level. That is why is called «the celiling of Spain».


Granada is a capital city of the province of the same name, located in the center of the Vega de Granada region, at an altitude of 680 m. above sea level, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Irrigated by the fourth longest river in Spain, Genil River, and by the foothills of the highest massif