4 things to do in Avila with children that you can’t miss

things to do in Avila with children

The city of Santa Teresa is full of possibilities for tourists. Not in vain is it a World Heritage Site. But there are five essential things to do in Avila with children that nobody should miss when they come to visit Ávila. So that does not happen to you, take note of the basics for ‘ávilaconniños.com’. Surely you will enjoy your visit to Ávila as much as your children will.

4 things to do in Avila with children that you can not miss

1.- Climb up the wall… but make sure you use the steps

Among all the things to do in Avila with children, climbing up the medieval wall is an amazing experience for children. The Wall of Ávila is the greatest treasure of the city. And also its main tourist attraction.

The audio guides will help the children understand how life was in the Middle Ages. In fact, they have a special channel for children so explanations are fully adapted for them. They will surely spend a lot of time imagining that they are medieval ladies and knights. And they will also enjoy the views. But they will not be the only ones. The Wall provides a time travel for adults too, so be ready to back in time. In addition, the audio guide that includes the entrance has a special channel for children.

One last advice:  be very careful with the children. Although the Wall has security measures, it is still a medieval construction.

2.- Take a picture at the Cuatro Postes

The view from the Cuatro Postes at sunset is unique and therefore one of the things to do in Avila with children that you can not miss. It is located on the left bank of the Adaja River. It is very easy to find and there is a free parking area very close to it. From there you have the best views of the Wall of Avila and the city as a whole. In addition, the monument itself has its historyRumouror has it that it was there that they found Teresa de Jesús and her brother Rodrigo when they tried to escape from home to be martyred by the Moors. The Four Poles are surrounded by a large green area. We recommend that you go at sunset. The light reflected on the Wall is beautiful.

If you really want to astonish the kids, wait there until the lights of the wall go on. This is the largest illuminated monument in the world, or so some say. Whether it is or not, we assure you that it is a spectacle that you should not miss. Again, a must among the things to do in Avila with children.

3.- Buy yolks… and eat them!

Yolks are a pastry delight made exclusively with egg yolk and sugar. They do not need more presentation. Byt them at La Flor de Castilla, one of the most traditional establishments in Ávila.

And if you have any doubt about what gift to bring back to those who have not had the good fortune to visit Ávila, do not hesitate: the yolks are your solution. 

4.- Visit the house of Santa Teresa

Ávila is synonymous with Santa Teresa. And many are the corners of the city that remember her presence. But if we have to stay with one only, we pick their place of birth. There is nothing left of his native house. But on the site where it was located the church and the convent of La Santa, now inhabited by Carmelites, still remains. The room in which she was born has been reconstructed inside the church. Ehy is this tone of the things to do in Avila with children? because it wilol give them (and you also) the opportunity to know a bit more of the medieval life style.

Avila is one of the most visited cities in Spain. Contact us to design a trip to get to know it in depth. We will treat your children as special guests so the whole family enjoys the holiday. That´s why we keep a very long list of things to do in Avila with children.