Things to see, learn and taste in Spain

If we think in a place with outstanding food, twisting architecture between modern and classic art, coast with sandy beaches, delightful wine and many educational activities, immediately we contemplate Spain and their daily events and tours available for exchange study visits and people from other countries. You can get on to with a travel agent in Spain and begin this incredible experience:

  • Art Museum and galleries: The principal cities in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Zaragoza and Córdoba) have an artistic core inside structures with modern and classic basis, exhibiting works from contemporary painters of sixteenth century. One of the most visited museums is the “Museo Del Padro” located in the center of Madrid. We can find works from Diego Velazquez like (“Las meninas”) and wonderful pieces by Francisco Goya as (“La maja desnuda”).
  • Wine and Mediterranean gastronomy:  The Spanish food has many Europeans influences and it stands for exquisite and typical dishes. The legendary miniature canapés known as “pintxos” and their traditional “tapas” (appetizers and snacks) are part of the Spanish identity, being a mix of seafood and animal meet. We can find in every bar and restaurant this dishes; always accompanied with a glass of Rioja wine.
  • Cultural folk tours: The geography situation has made the Iberian Peninsula a space of first connection with the culture of the north and south of Europe, also with African roots. Spain has a rich cultural and historic patrimony reflected in their traditions. You can go to flamenco shows, cathedrals and churches (absolutely architectural jewels) like the “Sagráda Familia” in Barcelona and also visit in Island Canaries, specifically in the center of Gomera; The “Parque Del Garajonay”. “El Roque Aganado” is an authentic living fossil.