A cultural route through the best museums in Malaga

best museums in Malaga

Malaga, whilst famous for its beaches and party lifestyle, is also a fabulous city to enjoy a more cultural break. So, let’s take a look at some of the best museums in Malaga.

The Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou is the first of its kind outside of France and has achieved a level of fame for that fact. The museum houses a selection of art from the 20th and 21st centuries. This makes it a real gem for art lovers or anyone who prefers a more modern take on their art. The Pompidou is arguably one of the best museums in Malaga for art and is well worth a visit.

Museo Picasso, one of the best museums in Malaga

This may sound like one of the more obvious choices when choosing the best museums in Malaga to visit. This is for good reason, though. Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso, and has a variety of paintings, sculptures and sketches on display. You can also visit the birthplace of Picasso. This is a must if you want to see where one of the world’s most famous artists was born and how his family lived. There are also some artefacts related to the Picasso family that are quite unique.

Museo Thyssen

This is a sibling of the famous art gallery in Madrid and it houses quite the selection of art. If you are particularly interested in Spanish art, Thyssen is one of the best museums in Malaga to visit. If that period of art is not your thing, then they often have some interesting cultural events and temporary exhibitions.

Museo de Vidrio

This quirky little museum is one of the best in Malaga for a variety of reasons. It is privately owned and has an astonishing array of glass and furniture. The museum itself appears to be quite dull but inside, a whole new world awaits. Give it a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised. The museum is highly recommended for history buffs, as some of the objets d’art come from some very exciting historical periods.

Museo Ruso

Finding a museum of Russia inside the city of Malaga may come as a surprise. Residing a little outside of the centre, this is one of the best museums in the country to discover an entirely new culture. The museum itself is a collaboration with the State Russian Museum. So, this means you will have unlimited access to some of Russia’s best artists.


The Interactive Music Museum of Malaga  is extremely kid-friendly. They have a variety of musical instruments, and all of them can be played. So for families who want to enjoy a day out and get to enjoy some real hands-on fun, this museum is made for you. You can also join in on workshops and concerts that run throughout the year.

Museo de Arte Flamenco

Visiting the south of Spain means that you must visit one of the best museums of flamenco culture. A real insight is provided into the nature of the dancing, the costumes and the history of flamenco. There are plenty of artefacts related to flamenco and you can even enjoy a flamenco show every Friday. Another plus is that there is a tapas bar, where you can enjoy a beer and some local snacks.

Museo del Vino

Of course, being in Spain means that you have to enjoy some of the local wine culture. The Museo Del Vino is one of the best museums in the south of Spain to enjoy this. There are many demonstrations of the wine making process, done by local guides. They will also give you some historical details on the production of wine. A must for any wine fan.
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