10 of the most beautiful beaches and coves of Catalonia, Spain

the most beautiful beaches

Catalonia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Let us count down the best 10 and give you some inspiration for your next getaway.



This is the beach most commonly associated with the city of Barcelona. It is extremely popular during the summer and is only a short hop from the city. It may not be your typical beach resort, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Catalonia. One of the main advantages is that the beach has plenty of bars and restaurants, where you can kick back with a beer.


Port Lligat

This is nestled in Cadaqués, a fishing village that seems to transport you back in time. The beach itself has plenty of coves, as well as the perfect spot to watch the sunset. There are also plenty of shops and even a Salvador Dalí museum.


Tossa de Mar

This area is well known for having some of the most beautiful beaches along the Costa Brava. It contains several huge beaches and some smaller, more private ones. The real draw is how blue the water is and how great it is for swimming in.



Garraf is quite close to Barceloneta so you could visit both in a day. It is more like a cove, with tiny fishing huts along the edges. The waves are perfect for surfing as well. It is quiet, private and not as busy as Barceloneta. If you want to avoid the bustle of Barceloneta and spend some time outside of the city, Garraf is the best option for you.



Ocata is not as well known by tourists, which makes it one of the most beautiful beaches for visiting. It is far less cramped, cleaner and has plenty of activities to do. These include windsurfing, sailing and even beach volleyball. 


Sant Pol De Mar

This quaint little fishing village is more of a cove than a beach. It is surrounded by cliffs and hills, making it quite secluded. The village is worth visiting itself, as it is the perfect reminder of times gone by. If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, Sant Pol De Mar is the beach for you.



The beach here could almost pass for the tropics, rather than the Mediterranean. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Costa Brava for it’s perfect blue waters. It is not a million miles away from Barcelona, so the beach is mostly used by those who want to get away for the day.


Cala de l’Home Mort

This beach is actually famed for being nudist, but the surroundings of this stretch of sand will give you far more to look at. There are two beaches that are connected by rocks and they are particularly narrow. This beach is perfect for kids as the water is quite shallow.


Platja del Portitxol

This beach has a pine forest as it’s neighbour and beautiful sands that make this one of the most beautiful beaches in Catalonia. The rock formations around the beach make it particularly secluded, as well as protected by the weather.


Platja Illa Roja

This really does fit the title of being one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. The scenery here is perfect. The waters are clear, the sands are soft and the walk down is one of the most stunning in the area.


Platja de Castell

This beach remains unspoilt and so remains one of the beautiful beaches in Catalonia. It is surrounded by woods and also forms part of a river. There is a cute bar where you can have a drink but this beach remains quiet, calm and secluded.


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